July 22, 2017

Getting Started with Instagram

Posted : April 6, 2016

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The benefits of using social media to reach potential customers continues to grow exponentially. Many of us are already using Facebook, but far fewer are engaged with Instagram. Now’s the time to make the big push to Instagram to take advantage of this visual social media marketing tool, perfectly suited to a visually stunning destination like Calaveras County. It’s so much easier to master than Facebook, and when you have an active Instagram account, it will help US to market YOU better.

“If you don’t have time to post to Instagram yourself, or don’t have a smart phone, ask an employee, family member or friend to help. Don’t miss out on this powerful marketing tool.”

Chances are, you’re already taking great photos of your business to post to Facebook, to use in traditional marketing avenues or to commemorate milestones in your operation. And others are probably already posting photos and videos about your business or products too. This is all perfect content for Instagram, and getting started is easy, and very rewarding.

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Uploading your own photos to Instagram

To get started, just download the Instagram app to your smartphone. or tablet. Download link for Android, download link for iPhone (click on link on page to take you to download page). Create your Instagram account and get started uploading your own photos. Include hashtags so people can find your photos. For instance, if you use the hashtag #lovingcalaveras the CVB will find your posts and broadcast them to our larger national and international travel markets. If you’re posting about golfing, use the hashtags #lovingcalaveras as well as #golf, #golfing, #californiagolf, etc. so people looking for those kinds of photos can find, like and share your photos.

Sharing on InstagramSharing others’ photos to your Instagram feed

To share photos/videos uploaded by others, search for your business name, products or activities (including misspellings people typically make). Once you’ve found a photo/video someone else has posted, be sure to like and/or comment on that photo or video.

Next, use an Instagram reposting app like RapidRepost or QuickReposter to repost that photo or video to your page (find them in your app store). Always give the original poster credit for the photo/video. For instance, if the original was posted by us (gocalaveras) you will include @gocalaveras in your post so we know you’ve reposted. It’s a way of saying thank you for the original post and is mandatory Instagram etiquette for reposts.

No time for Instagram? Get help!

If you don’t have time to post to Instagram yourself, or if you don’t have a smart phone, ask an employee, family member or friend to work on it for you. If you have millennials in your life, they’re probably on Instagram already, and will have no problem setting up an Instagram account for you. Remember, you will get the most benefit from our Instagram marketing by having your own Instagram account we can pull from.

Important Instagram Tips:

  • Follow Calaveras Visitors Bureau at Instagram.com/gocalaveras.
  • Check to see if we have already followed you, and if not, email us at kaedence@gocalaveras.com with your Instagram account name.
  • Post often! Funny, interesting and beautiful photos/videos do best.
  • Stay engaged with the community. Follow instagrammers who are posting content that is interesting and relevant to you.
  • Like and comment on other people’s posts. This will help gain you a following.
  • Connect Instagram to your other social media platforms to easily share your Instagram posts to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use appropriate hashtags. Check out Kaedence’s article on how to use hashtags here: Social Savvy Calaveras.

Get help learning about Instagram

If all of this seems very complicated, I highly recommend you attend next month’s Tuolumne County Annual Tourism Summit, which takes place on May 5th from 8:30 am to 2:00 pm at the hotel at Black Oak Casino. Part of the summit will include an Instagram Instawalk with hands on learning and best practices for using Instagram. Follow the link above to register.

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