July 20, 2017

Trendkite Media Coverage Reports

Posted : October 4, 2016

UPDATE: We are now offering these reports to any interested businesses or individuals in Calaveras. To see every Trendkite report we’ve generated, go to our Trendkite Reports page.

Trendkite Report

Snapshot of August & September Trendkite Data

If you’re like most small businesses, you’re so busy working on keeping open and providing excellent customer service, dealing with staffing issues and unexpected problems, that it’s hard on a day-to-day level to keep up with marketing opportunities. But good news! The CVB is here to help!

We work on marketing 100% of the time. We keep up with the latest techniques and trends and bring them here to Calaveras for the benefit of our amazing destination. We also keep track of the media coverage for Calaveras, so we can evaluate sentiment, share of voice and most importantly of all, what really resonates with our markets.

You’ve heard that social media marketing is the most effective kind of marketing you can do in the current business environment, which is great, because it’s cheap. But it’s also time consuming. You have to constantly feed it new content in order for your followers to stay engaged with your brand. And how many times can you share on Facebook that your new scone or book or tour or activity is popular and people love it? It often feels very hard to come up with new, fresh, engaging content. But now, with Trendkite, we have a simple solution to that problem.

How It Works

Each month, we generate a report showing what media coverage Calaveras has received over the last month. Each report includes links to articles, blogs and reports which you can use to populate your own Facebook page or Twitter feed. You might also consider tailoring your offerings to what’s trending for Calaveras in the media. Is there a story that’s gained a lot of attention that you could tailor to your business? Remember, innovation is key 🙂

Access to Trendkite will only be available to Calaveras Experience Guide paid advertisers after this initial introduction. So, if you haven’t yet committed to the guide, or haven’t paid your invoice, now’s the time. After you sign up, we will provide you with a password to access the password-protected reports page on our website.

We’ve run a report on Calaveras media coverage for August and September for you to see the quality of this service. To see the page, you will need to enter the password: “Trendkite Preview”. The report is fully interactive. You can click through to all articles and share on your social media channels or website.  We recommend sorting articles by “READERSHIP” to see the top stories.



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