July 25, 2017

Accounting Along the Arnold Rim Trail

Posted : May 3, 2013

By guest blogger: Tyler Summersett

Keep tabs on the many reasons to live, recreate and visit Calaveras, and then keep on accounting.

Here are a couple more items for your Calaveras bucket list.  When you think to yourself, nobody is this lucky, think again (upon closer inspection), this community might just be:

Arnold Rim Trail: PlaygroundA fee-free Playground

Wallets not necessary, let us show you a good time, and hey, its on us.  From the parking lot in White Pines one can quickly become overwhelmed with the possibilities for family fun….Disc Golf, swimming, picnicking, biking, fishing, Logging Museum (with moving Shay Locomotive) and the Trailhead for the Arnold Rim Trail.  Book this package deal, for free!  Although there are opportunities to make a donation towards facility upkeep, there is no entrance fee, just old fashioned public spaces built and maintained for your enjoyment.

Arnold Rim Trail: MapRead between the lines

There is a new map helping to orient those seeking the path more serene.  By reading between the lines of this new map, you will get a foreshadowing of this 7000 acre plus Sierra gem.  Three creek drainages, ridgelines replete with glorious views and undulating terrain will all reveal themselves to those with a trained eye.  This nugget is worth much more than gold, and that’s saying something in Gold Country!  The map can be downloaded from the website at www.arnoldrimtrail.com, or picked up at many locations around town.

Arnold Rim Trail: RideRide off into the Sunset….

Yeah of course you can. You think this is only the stuff of movies?  Be the starring character in your own life and ride off into the sunset, it is even better than watching it happen from the couch.  Plus, you can ride your own plot twists and turns, and have any ending you like!

Arnold Rim Trail: WildflowersRemember, it’s the little things in life…

Not surprisingly, sometimes we need someone to remind us to stop and smell the flowers.  We mean this quite literally, and as a friend, we highly recommend you take our advice.  Slow down, breathe deep, and yeah smell the flowers, or take pictures of them, just don’t pick ‘em, thanks.

Arnold Rim Trail: Cougar RockSurvey California….

From ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Cougar Rock’ you have majestic views of Calaveras County, the Central Sierra and far off peaks such as Mt. Diablo.  Mt Diablo peak is the point from which the state of California was first surveyed.  Take the Rim Trail to the ridge where amazing views are possible and try your hand a surveying the local landscape.  Regardless of the weather, or time of year, this is a tough view to beat, and at the risk of sounding competitive, we dare ya to try!

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  1. Jessie Reynolds says:

    Calaveras county has been my home since the 40’s Kinda hate to see White Pines Park/Lake on website. Held many family gatherings there and fear it will be over run same as Columbia and Murphys. Ahhh progress.

  2. The Arnold Rim Trail has events through the summer, a moonlight walk etc. so much to do in the Arnold area! I love kayaking there. My husband fishes while I just drift over the lake, watching the little fish follow my kayak. He he!! I love that the fish follow me while my husband tries so hard to lure them with some tasty morsel on the end of his fly line.