As the official destination marketing organization for Calaveras County, recognized by the State of California’s tourism office, Visit California, we are dedicated to marketing and promoting Calaveras County as an outstanding tourism destination.

Did you know that our print copy of the Calaveras Experience Guide is the only Calaveras Visitors Bureau in-house marketing material that is primarily funded by paid advertising support from our industry partners like you?

Read on to learn how you can purchase one or more listings and/or advertising spaces in the next Calaveras Experience Guide and become a Calaveras Visitors Bureau Supporting Partner, today.

Questions about being included in the guide? To learn more about being included in future Calaveras Experience Guides, you can email account manager Jessica Johnson today at [email protected].

Before we dive in, whether or not you choose to purchase advertising in our print magazine, we want to make sure you also know about the resources your business may be eligible for FOR FREE, just for being a member of the Calaveras County tourism business community. You can learn more about these free benefits as well as how to get the most out of your free CVB partnership here.

You can also learn more about our numerous marketing initiatives beyond the Calaveras Experience Guide (including regional, national and international marketing outlets), non-profit funding and how we use our funding in our annual report here.

Alright, now let’s dive into the print guide!

2018 open Calaveras Experience Guide

80,000 print run for Calaveras Experience Guide

DId you know that print guides encourage visitors to spend more time and money in destination than they would without it? Enter, the Calaveras Experience Guide. We print and distribute 80,000 Calaveras Experience Guides annually with listings and advertising space available for purchase annually. The published guides are available to all partners (even if you chose not to purchase listings or advertising space) free of charge for distribution through your business.

📚Learn More about the effectiveness of Experience Guides
Curious about the effectiveness of printed visitor guides? Visit our page on marketing research to see a  2014 study sponsored by the Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureaus that surveyed  the conversion rate of 11 destination marketing organizations’ printed visitor guides. Their findings show that directly distributed guides resulted in increased destination visitation, extended length of stay, and influenced visitors activities, lodging and dining choices.

Calaveras Experience Guide paid listings

But these little beauties don’t stop at the Calaveras border. Strategically distributed in Northern California through Certified Folder Display and locally by Motherlode Marketing, it’s also the primary marketing piece we hand out at consumer shows and to media and travel trade, and is available for (hyper-linked) on-line download, as well as by mail order request, making the Calaveras Experience Guide a critical fulfillment piece for the Calaveras Visitors Bureau online and print advertising.

As a supporting partner, you are eligible to be part of our VIP discount program designed to drive more business to you. The award-winning VIP program is geared toward visitors and is free to join. We provide any necessary materials and do all of the marketing. You just decide what offers make most sense for your business.

Calaveras Experience Guides Distribution

Our digital distribution is about 20,000 per year, and our print run is 80,000 per year, which we distribute annually through the following outlets:

Certified Folder Display 

Approximately half of our entire print run is distributed by Certified Folder Display in Northern California through our professional distribution contract:

  • San Jose/Santa Clara Corporate (in employee cafeterias and recreation areas): 61 locations
  • Summer Sports – sporting good stores: 99 locations
  • California Welcome Centers
    • San Francisco
    • Pismo Beach
    • Anderson
    • Mammoth
    • Santa Rosa
    • Gilroy
  • San Jose Airport
  • Oakland Airport
  • Monterey Regional Airport
  • Sonoma County Airport
  • San Jose/Santa Clara high-traffic areas (hotels, motels, car rental offices, visitors centers, chambers of commerce, restaurants, campgrounds etc) 200 locations
  • Sacramento area high-traffic areas (hotels, motels, car rental offices, visitors centers, chambers of commerce, restaurants, campgrounds etc) over 100 locations

Motherlode Marketing

  • Annual contract for two spaces in display racks at over a dozen locations throughout the county including grocery stores, sports retailers and restaurants.

Partner Distribution

  • A supply of boxes of guides is kept on the back deck of the Calaveras Visitors Center for local restaurants, lodging, attractions, real estate and any tourism or economic development partner to distribute through their own business.

Print Marketing Leads Fulfillment

  • Our print marketing can include Via Magazine, Sunset Magazine, the California Visitors Guide and other outlets providing reader service cards requesting visitors guides.

Online requests

Our website visitors can request Calaveras Experience Guides to be mailed to them through an online form and we also receive email requests (1,330 for fiscal year 2018-19). 597 print advertising requests fulfilled for 2017-18.

Visitors Distribution

  • Here at the Calaveras Visitors Center, we provide customer service to more than 1,000 visitors per month, and offer Calaveras Experience Guides to each group. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, we distributed 9,264.
  • Supporting partners also get to display their brochures in the Calaveras Visitors Center, which is open 7 days a week in historic Angels Camp.

Travel / Trade Show & Industry Meetings

Reciprocal Distribution

  • Through our membership with San Francisco Travel, our guides are distributed at Pier 39.

Regional Marketing Districts Distribution

  • The Calaveras Visitors Bureau is a regional marketing board member of the Gold  Country Visitors Association and High Sierra Visitors Council. We meet with these groups multiple times per year to work on collaborative marketing programs. This is also an opportunity to get our guides distributed at visitors centers across the regions.

Electronic Guide

The entire Calaveras Experience Guide is published online with links to every business listed. It is embedded into our website and resulted in 16,793 reads for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Calaveras Experience Guide paid listings

Example of 2019 Calaveras Experience Guide paid listings and advertising contract


These are just a few of the many benefits of advertising with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau. And as a first-time advertiser, you get the special, low introductory price of just $150 for your first year. This gives you all the same great value of a regular $250 advertising rate at nearly half the cost. Sign-up today and start getting the benefit of our destination marketing expertise.

CVB Annual Supporting Partner Benefits
$250 Advertising Rate / $150 Introductory First Year Advertising Rate

  • 30 word listing in Visitor Guide with options to upgrade for more words & more visibility
  • Unlimited listings on and links to qualifying partner business from – also available to regular partners
  • VIP Discount Card Participation
  • Subscription to monthly Partnership Newsletter
  • Copy of monthly visitor newsletter
  • 10% off merchandise at the Calaveras Visitors Center<
  • Your brochures distributed at the Calaveras Visitors Center
  • Discounts on CVB sponsored workshops and events
  • 80,000 Calaveras Experience Guides distributed annually – see details above.

To learn more about being included in future Calaveras Experience Guides, you can email account manager Jessica Johnson today at [email protected]. If you have any questions, or would like to further discuss how your partnership with the CVB can benefit your business, we’d love to hear from you! You can schedule a time to connect with our Executive Director Martin Huberty by emailing Martin at [email protected], today. We look forward to hearing from you!

CVB Mission Statement

The Calaveras Visitors Bureau is Calaveras County’s core tourism promotion organization dedicated to creating long term and sustainable economic growth for the region and its partners through innovative tourism programs, promotions and partnerships.

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