Murphys Wine Club

402 Main Street Murphys, 95247
(209) 597-8466

Looking For A Great Calaveras, California Wine Club?

The Murphys Wine Club (MWC) recommends only the best Calaveras wines to you during each of four shipments per year based on your personal taste preferences.  There’s no shortage of California wine clubs out there to join, and none of this would matter it not for the award winning wines coming out of Calaveras County right now and all of the special limited time MWC member benefits.

Member Benefits:

The Murphys Wine Club (MWC) is locally owned and operated by Murphys wine enthusiasts who recommend only the best Calaveras County wines to its members in four annual shipments based on your taste profile preferences.  Some of the MWC award winning wines are exclusively distributed through the MWC and are not available in retail stores.

New members receive their first bottle for $5, plus MWC vouchers redeemable for free admissions at most Murphys tasting rooms, free happy hour apps at V Bistro with wine purchase, exclusive VIP member-only wine dinners at V Restaurant, plus vouchers for discounted MWC member mid-week rooms at the Victoria Inn – a $400 Value! MWC makes four wine shipments per year to members living in California, Nevada or Oregon or your wine order may be picked up for free when you are in Murphys at the Victoria Inn.

About Murphys Wine Club

Murphys Wine Club was founded by Joe Virgilio and Michael Ninos. Joe and Michael are residents of Murphys, CA.  They both enjoy fermented grape juice and created the club to bring you the best wines of Murphys and Calaveras County.  Murphys Wine Club is the only place to get a taste of Murphys and Calaveras County wines in one place.  Experience wines from the well-known wineries as well as the smaller boutique wineries. You will see an ever-changing selection of wines too choose from and many of these vintages cannot be found in stores.  Enjoy the wines yourself and as a gift for someone else.  $.10 for every bottle sold will be donated to local charities.