Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride

300 Pennsylvania Gulch Road, Murphys


Mr. Frog’s Wild Ride has three routes to challenge and enchant bicycle riders. The
shortest, the San Domingo Road route is only 21 miles, but you’ll bicycle through some
of the best of rural Calaveras County and the California foothills.

After a short ride through the sweet neighborhoods of Murphys, you’ll bicycle out Sheep
Ranch Road. Just downhill from Mercer Caverns, you’ll make a left turn to catch San
Domingo Road.

San Domingo Road comprises gravel, dirt, and old funky paving, making this an exciting
ride for adventurous cyclists on mountain bikes or road bikes, and even e-bikes.
The narrow, rarely traveled back road descends through gorgeous territory. You’ll cycle
through the historic Stevenot Vineyards tucked into San Domingo Valley, but soon the road becomes more wild. You’ll pass under ancient
oak forests and over untouched rangeland. Occasionally you’ll see the remnants of
houses and barns, but mostly it will be just you, other cyclists, and a few wild turkeys or
squirrels. Be aware that cell phone service is spotty along Calaveras County’s back
country roads.

Recharge with water and snacks at the quick stop on the corner of San Domingo Road
and Dogtown Road before you start climbing out of the San Domingo Creek valley. The
ascent is worth it as you crest the ridge and vistas open up to the west. Take some time to
take in the view. It’s amazing.

Dogtown Road gradually becomes more civilized. You’ll pass ranches and farms that
gradually become the residential areas on the outskirts of Angels Camp. A sharp left at
County Lane will take you under Highway 4, then left at the high school to Murphys
Grade Road.

Murphys Grade Road is the back road return to Murphys. It’s wide, well paved, and used
by locals, so be aware of cars and trucks on the road. You’ll be climbing nearly the whole
way through range land and up a forested valley along Angels Creek. Watch for the
historic wooden File Flume that carries water to Angels Camp.

You’ll finish your ride through Murphys historic downtown back to Feeney Park.