July 24, 2017

Calaveras County Sees Bright Future for Tourism

Posted : September 24, 2014

Exciting new developments in two corners of Calaveras County point toward prosperity for two companies vital to the county’s recreational tourism.

Earlier this month Angels Camp businessman Darrin Mills took over ownership of the Marina at New Melones Lake, which provides dock space for boat owners as well as rentals of all types of lake-going watercraft, including jet skis, houseboats, kayaks and paddle boards.  He also noted the increased popularity in wake surfing will help create an additional attraction for the lake.  Mills, who has spent much of his life either on the lake or building boats for other lake lovers, described his vision for the marina as becoming more of a resort style venue.   “We want it to be a place you come down to and hear local musicians play, and have our local wineries come and pour.”













Image courtesy of New Melones Marina

Food service at the marina is also due for an upgrade.   Mills estimates that at least 60% of the marina’s clientele are tourists, folks much more likely to rely on the provisions of the small grocery store.  So the store will be stocking more upscale and specialty foods, as well as prepared foods.  And after that long day recreating on the water – “We’re also looking at bringing in a masseuse,”  for which he and his crew are adding on an additional room to the marina store building.

Up in the high country, mountain sports fans and many local businesses are celebrating the pending sale of Bear Valley Mountain this month to the Canadian company Skyline Investments.  The multi-year efforts by former owner Dundee Resorts to secure approvals and entitlements for real estate expansion in Bear Valley made the resort a very attractive purchase for Skyline.   As experts in hospitality management and community development, Skyline has plans underway to create an enhanced outdoor lifestyle experience at the resort.  Making a great resort experience for the visitor, say the company’s representatives, will encourage people to consider investing in properties down the road – but first there must be a great resort to come to.

Bear-Valley-skiing_Cedar Creek Realty











Image courtesy of Bear Valley Mountain Resort

On any given day at Bear Valley Mountain, you might be sharing a chair lift with a Silicon Valley entrepreneur or even a Manhattan investment banker, people who could be skiing anywhere they like, and choose Bear Valley because of its strong community fabric and its enviable location in a four season recreational playground.  As a case in point, Skyline president and chairman Gil Blutrich brought his family out to stay in the area while considering the purchase of the resort – and after a few days absorbing the atmosphere of Calaveras County he was convinced.


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