Calaveras Holiday Marketing Tools

The good news is that the CVB has created content you can share on your website and social media platforms that will help to market not only your business (by providing information that visitors want) during this important buying season, but will also benefit the entire business community as more businesses share the content we’ve created.

Below, we’ve outlined the components of our holiday marketing program and how you can participate to benefit your business.

The Calaveras Holiday Shopping Guide – Digital Version

Using the Calaveras Holiday Shopping Guide In Your Marketing

Overview of the Guide

Published online and delivered to more than 10,000 newsletter subscribers before Thanksgiving and boosted on our Facebook page of over 48,000 followers, the Calaveras Holiday Shopping Guide gives an overview of the holiday shopping experience available in each of our larger communities, plus tips on fun outdoor activities and places to take a break from shopping. We publish this guide annually to provide helpful information and inspiration to visitors and locals, to inspire more tourism, and also to provide a fun and useful promotional tool for our partners to utilize. The digital version contains hyperlinks to businesses featured in the guide, and to independent retail shops in each town.

This year, we’ve also produced a printed version that is available to you to distribute from your business.

How You Can Use this Marketing Material

We encourage you to incorporate the digital guide into your own social media posts, email campaigns and website by linking to the online version or embedding it. Don’t forget; this is also a great tool for locals, so if your marketing is limited to Calaveras residents, this guide is a great way to help our friends and neighbors find shopping opportunities here in Calaveras that they may not have known about.

When you share the guide online, bear in mind that people checking out your website and your social media platforms are interested primarily in your business initially, so be sure to include some verbiage that ties your business into what you’re sharing. If you’re unsure how to do this, just give our office a call and ask for Lisa or Kaedence to help you out: 209-736-0049.


  • Link to the online version (a written blog with links to featured businesses) using this URL (copy and paste):
  • Embed the digital version of the guide (like the one above) on your website by copying and pasting this code: <div data-configid=”1300191/65793219″ style=”width:100%; height:600px;” class=”issuuembed”></div> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”//” async=”true”></script>
  • Share from our Facebook page to your Facebook page. Go to our facebook page at Scroll down to the post featuring the Calaveras Holiday Shopping Guide and click the share button.
  • Come by the Calaveras Visitors Center at 753 South Main Street, Angels Camp, and pick up a supply of printed Holiday Shopping Guides (expected arrival: Wednesday, November 21st) to distribute at your business. We are open in the winter season Monday – Saturday 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Call before coming by to make sure they’ve arrived and we’ll load you up!

Calaveras holiday hygge

Using Our Blogs In Your Marketing Messaging This Season

Overview of the Blogs

Our holiday messaging is all about small town charm, heartwarming community events and yummy holiday treats. Last year, we discovered a Scandinavian term called Hygge – that perfectly embodies this Calaveras holiday experience. It’s the focus of one of our blogs and incorporated into the Holiday Shopping Guide again this year. Another blog rounds up the best places to find sweet treats and the third highlights all of the magical holiday events happening in each community. We’re sending these out to our 10,000 newsletters subscribers and sharing to over 48,000 Facebook fans. That’s a large number, but you can help this messaging reach even further by sharing the blogs.

How You Can Use this Marketing Material

Post these blogs to your website, Facebook page and incorporate in your email campaigns to help communicate the delights of Calaveras County during the holiday season and encourage your followers to attend holiday events, find holiday treats and shop in our downtowns.


Just follow these links and scroll down to the end of the blog to share using the social media links provided:

Finally, let’s remember how lucky we are to have such outstanding independent retail shops in Calaveras County, creating and curating the best merchandise you can find, in picturesque, historic, unhurried towns. Sharing the Calaveras Holiday Shopping Guide and the CVB’s holiday blogs will help to support this essential part of our tourism industry, and will give your guests more reason to stay longer and enjoy more of the Calaveras holiday hygge. We hope it also inspires YOU to base your holiday shopping and entertainment in Calaveras!

Copperopolis Christmas Tree Lighting | Jack Forkner
Copperopolis Christmas Tree Lighting | Jack Forkner

Use Hashtags For Your Online Content

When you’re making holiday posts on Facebook you want us to see, be sure to include this tag: #GoCalaveras. If you’re uploading a photo to Instagram, also use #GoCalaveras or #LovingCalaveras. This allows us to see your content without you having to email us, giving us the opportunity to share your content for our news feed.

Tag your posts so that people searching those hashtags will find your content. Make your hashtags short and relevant. Here are some examples that work for the holiday shopping guide: #holidayshopping #christmasshopping #holidayfun #tistheseason #smallbusinesschristmas.

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