Calaveras Media Coverage

Calaveras media coverage shows how the media is covering Calaveras tourism locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Click on the links to see what the media is saying about us. This list of media coverage is in chronologial order with the most recent coverage shown first. For  2013 and 2012 links to articles, please scroll down. Questions? Contact Lisa Boulton.

2016 Calaveras County Media Coverage

We are now contracting with Trendkite to aggregate all of our online media coverage. Click on the report image to open a fully interactive PDF report showing all stories on Calaveras County for each month:

July 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

Calaveras Media Coverage report 07-16

JUNE 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

MAY 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

APRIL 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

MARCH 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

FEBRUARY 2016 Calaveras Media Coverage

JANUARY 2016 Calaveras News Coverage

2015 Calaveras County Media Coverage

DECEMBER 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

NOVEMBER 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

OCTOBER 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

SEPTEMBER 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

AUGUST 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

JULY 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

JUNE 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

MAY 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

APRIL 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

MARCH 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

FEBRUARY 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

JANUARY 2015 Calaveras News Coverage

2014 Calaveras County Media Coverage

2013 Calaveras County Media Coverage

2012 Calaveras County Media Coverage

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