Calaveras TOT Overview

The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors is considering introducing a ballot measure to increase Calaveras County’s TOT. But what is it, and what impact could this have for our residents and businesses? We’ve put together a quick informational presentation (below). Please view the presentation FIRST and then take our quick survey below seeking your feedback:

The presentation includes information on how increasing the CVB’s funding would benefit local businesses. Check out the CVB annual report to see our marketing outcomes for last fiscal year.

The following questionnaire is confidential. We don’t collect any information on you, unless you provide your email address to receive additional information. If you have questions, please call our office at 1-209-736-0049.

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is very important to us. If you don’t see the survey below, please hit the refresh button on your browser. Scroll down for a transcript of the slides

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. . . . . . .  SLIDES TRANSCRIPT  . . . . . . .

SLIDE 1: What Does TOT Mean?

  • TRANSIENT: Someone who doesn’t live here permanently (usually a tourist or business visitor).
  • OCCUPANCY: Staying at a professionally run lodging property like a hotel, motel or B&B.
  • TAX: A mandatory financial assessment.

A visitor staying at a county lodging property is assessed a tax that goes to the county to pay for important, needed services.

SLIDES 2 – 4: Important Points to Consider

    1. Q: Does the TOT cost local residents?
      A: NO. Locals do not get taxed by TOT (unless they stay in a professionally run, county lodging property).

    2. Q: Does the TOT cost local businesses?
      A: NO. This tax is considered a pass-through tax because it doesn’t tax local residents or businesses. Only the visitor staying at the lodging property pays the tax.

    3. Q: Does a higher TOT rate deter visitors?
      A: NO. When Angels Camp’s rate was raised from 6% to 10%, occupancy rates increased, and there is zero evidence to suggest that a higher TOT rate will deter visitors from coming to Calaveras County.

    4. Q: How common is a TOT tax?
      A: Every county / municipality in the state charges a TOT tax.

    5. Q: Does a TOT increase benefit locals?
      A: YES. Locals benefit from better roads, shorter response times for sheriff & fire departments, plus increased employment, leisure, and recreational opportunities from a thriving tourism economy.

    6. Q: Does a TOT increase benefit businesses?
      A: YES. In addition to the locals benefits listed above, businesses also benefit from increased foot traffic and increased tourism and destination marketing services from the CVB. 

SLIDE 5 – Gold Country County TOT Rates

Amador – 10% | Calaveras – 6% | El Dorado – 10% | Madera – 9% | Mariposa – 10% | Nevada – 10% | Placer – 10% | Sacramento – 12% | Sierra – 10% | Tuolumne – 10%

At just 6%, Calaveras County has the lowest TOT rate in the Gold Country, and one of the lowest in California.

SLIDE 6 – Where Does the TOT Go?

This information is based on current Calaveras County allocations from the general fund, which are expected to remain the same with or without a TOT increase.

  • 75% goes towards mitigating the impact of tourism on the county in the form of increased demand on roads and emergency services with 25% going to fire districts, 25% going to the Sheriff’s department and 25% going to roads.
  • The 25% remaining is reinvested into marketing the county through the CVB to bring in more visitors, generating more tourism dollars to support the tourism industry and increasing the county’s tax revenue.

Slide 7: TOT Impact to the Calaveras Visitors Bureau


An increase from 6% to 12% would take CVB County revenue from $150,000 to $300,000.

    1. The proposed increase would double the CVB’s current funding, allowing for further investment in successful marketing initiatives to benefit local, small businesses.

    2. Increased marketing investment would increase lodging occupancy,  bring in more TOT, & grow Calaveras County’s tourism economy.

    3. Increased marketing would generate more TOT to pay for road repairs, the Sheriff’s Department and Calaveras County Fire Districts.

    4. A quarter of the TOT would be invested back into CVB marketing to continue generating economic growth, benefitting the entire county.