Lists for Calaveras Vendors

Whether you are a small local vendor or a passionate and hard-working event organizer of a local Calaveras event, we know you are busy busy busy. We would love to make your life a little easier, while helping locals support locals, by connecting local event organizers and local vendors for mutual benefit with a simple list.

While some years, event organizers can feel like it is impossible to line up enough vendors to help their event go that extra mile, other times great Calaveras vendors might feel they are never quite in the right place at the right time to track down all of the fabulous local events for them to sell their food and/or wares. This is where the Calaveras Visitors Bureau (CVB) comes in.

Calaveras Vendors List

You might be a local Etsy artisan, a small-batch craftsperson, a food/beverage vendor, or a regional artist with food and/or wares to sell. If so, you might like to opt in to our list of vendors for Calaveras events.

To opt-in, please email with “vendor” in the subject line to get a FREE LISTING in our Calaveras Vendors List.

This free listing will increase make it easier for future event organizers to find you. Here’s the information you’ll need to include:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Business name
  3. Where you are based
  4. Your contact info: email & phone number
  5. One sentence booth description
  6. Link to digital presence if available: your website, Etsy shop, FB page, Instagram page, or Pinterest
  7. A note letting us know if you’re interested in having your contact listing sent to reputable Calaveras event organizers for the sole purpose of hearing about upcoming Calaveras vendor opportunities, OR if you’d prefer the list is maintained exclusively by the Calaveras Visitors Bureau

Once this list is complete, by emailing with “ATTN: Vendor” in the subject line, vendors can inquire into the status of their listing or modify their services, products, or contact information at any time.

Are you an event organizer that is looking for vendors? You can request access to vendors who have opted in to this program by emailing with “ATTN: Vendor List Request” in the subject line.

Vendors, you can also find our annual Calaveras events list here to connect with Calaveras’ various annual event coordinators directly.

Want to be notified of upcoming events? Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive our monthly event newsletter. Not sure if you are on the Calaveras Visitors Bureau monthly events e-mailing list? You can sign-up for the Calaveras Visitors Bureau newsletter here.

Looking for more ways to connect with local events? You can also find upcoming local events by reaching out to regional businesses associations as well as by visiting our online calendar of Calaveras events page.

Happy gathering!