Calaveras Visitors Bureau ROI Study

As a non-profit destination marketing organization receiving public funding, it’s important to the Calaveras Visitors Bureau (CVB), and our stakeholders, that we measure the effectiveness of our marketing programs. For this reason, in this fiscal year, we contracted with SMG Consulting to conduct a website influence study.

Since the website is at the heart of our destination marketing and all other marketing investments are designed to drive more traffic to the website, this kind of study gives us the most accurate picture of CVB generated in-destination travel spending.

Strategic Marketing Group ROI study
Page 14 of the SMG Consulting ROI report


The final report has just been completed, and provides a very positive picture of CVB marketing. The report (shown below) describes the process for collecting the data, provides key performance metrics, summarizes the findings, provides visitor trip characteristics. and makes recommendations on tracking additional data points.

Key Findings from the ROI Study

  • The CVB’s website bounce rate, at 3.1% is the best SMG Consulting has seen within the tourism industry
  • The CVB’s calculated ROI is $56 in visitor spending for every $1 invested in marketing
  • 96% of surveyed visitors rated their trip to Calaveras County as excellent/very good (the remaining 4% rated the trip as average)
  • Calaveras County’s net promoter score is 69.2. Scores over 50 demonstrate strong customer loyalty.
  • 62% of those surveyed indicated they posted pictures and info on social media of their travel to Calaveras
  • The estimated per party trip expenditure was $702
  • website visitors who were influenced to visit spent (at a conservative estimate) $25 million in travel spending in Calaveras County (13% of the total generated in 2018).
  • 19% of survey respondents were influenced to extend their trip to Calaveras County. Of those, 55% extended their stay by 1 night, 18% by 2 nights and 14% by 3 or more nights.

Not only do these results show the effectiveness of the CVB’s marketing programs, and their economic impact on Calaveras County, they also demonstrate the outstanding influence of our local business owners and residents in supporting the tourism industry. We see this in the 96% who rated their trip as excellent/very good and in the net promoter score of 69.2.

The results also indicate that the CVB is effectively marketing the destination, and that any reduction in funding would be likely to negatively impact the local economy by (at a conservative estimate) $56 for every $1 in reduced funding, decreasing local tax revenues and business profit margins.