July 25, 2017

Copperopolis Olive Oil Company

621 McCarty Street
Copperopolis, CA 95228

We grow and bottle our Copper Cobalt Tuscan blend of 100% extra virgin olive oil. 100% California grown and handpicked organic fruit that is milled within hours, then allowed to rest and mellow before being bottled and introduced as Copper Cobalt Tuscan. Good things from our orchard to you!

At Copperopolis Olive Oil Company we carry all things olive. We have handcrafted one of a kind olive woodwork. Olive motiff items. We also stock 4 varieties of olive trees. Check out our store at Copperopolis Town Square and enjoy the flavored oils and balsalmics we have in stock. Your one stop shopping for that special gift . We carry olive oil lotion, soap, cookware, salad bowls, salad utensils and much more

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  1. Martha Scott says:

    We love this store. Each time we are up in the Copperopolis area we stop in to get a supply of the olive oil lotion. It is wonderful for itchy skin, has a wonderful smell and leaves your skin very soft.
    Their gift selection is great also.