July 25, 2017

CR Tallow – locally made leather conditioner

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Calaveras Rendered Tallow is an all natural fine salve of beef tallow leather conditioner specially formulated to help restore natural oils in leather. CR Tallow conditions and protects leather from drying and cracking due to the natural elements.  CR Tallow helps to revitalize and maintain the suppleness, strength, beauty and the longevity of leather.  CR Tallow is also safe to use on rawhide!

For fine leather purses, shoes and apparel as well as saddles, tack, golf products and much more!

What is Tallow?

Tallow is high quality purified beef fat, a specialty product derived from beef production. Beef fat is rendered, or cooked, in a rendering pot, strained and cooled multiple times to remove impurities. Typically, tallow starts with suet, or white fat found around the kidneys, liver and loin of beef. Once suet is rendered, it becomes tallow. As long as it is stored in an airtight container in a cool environment, it can keep for an extended period of time. The composition of the fat causes it to be solid and white at room temperature, and properly rendered tallow is odorless and tasteless.

Historically, tallow has been used as a fuel, a base for candles, a treatment for leather, a base for soaps, and is used commonly as a lubricant and cooking oil. It can also be turned into a biofuel and used as a feed supplement for various animals. Following the old-time cowboy tradition from the late 1800’s, it is being re-introduced as a premium conditioner, dressing and waterproofing compound designed for leather.

CR Tallow Leather Conditioner is specially formulated by rendering fat from beef raised in Calaveras County, CA. It was created as a byproduct of local beef used for legendary beef burgers that are served at CAMPS Restaurant in Angels Camp, California. In the rendering process, the residual fat from pasture-raised steers is deodorized with natural ingredients that enhance the aroma and shelf-life of the product. Organic bees wax is added as a stabilizer and for weatherproofing. It is made with high quality premium ingredients!

The Calaveras Visitors Bureau is proud to sell CR Tallow.  Purchases can be made during normal business hours seven days a week.

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