Your CVB partnership could add a lot more value to your business by following the simple recommendations below.

CVB Partnership – including everything listed below (unless otherwise noted) – is now available to all tourism related businesses in Calaveras County, regardless of whether you have contributed financially to any CVB marketing programs.  Learn more about the new partnership model the Calaveras Visitors Bureau is now following.

Here are the topics covered in this write-up:

Keep your CVB listings up to date | Keep us informed | Share our blogs | Link to us | Use our social media handles |  Participate in our VIP program  | Like our Facebook page | Provide us with photos | Use our Curated Photos |  Attend our Annual Dinner & Innovations in Tourism AwardsRead partner newsletters | Schedule a Meeting | Get on our Fam List

Keep your CVB Directory Listings up to date

Your CVB partnership includes being listed here on our website. Tell us about the special offerings of your business so we can make sure to include you in relevant blogs and directory  categories. Make sure we have included the most relevant and up-to-date information you want visitors to know about your business. We are always happy to hear from you! Notice any missing, outdated, or inaccurate information, bad links, or less than flattering photos? Let us know by emailing our Digital Content Manager Kaedence Eaton at [email protected] and our team will update your listing as soon as possible.

Keep us informed for best coverage of your business

Please make sure to send us information on any and all events or announcements you may have over the coming year. Our events calendar is the most comprehensive in the county and is the most popular page on our website.  Your event, if open to the public and of interest to visitors, should be included. We’re also interested if you’re moving or opening a new location, offering new services or have anything exciting to share. Send your latest news and event info to: [email protected]. Check out this article on what we need from you to make an event listing.

Utilize our blogs

Calaveras blogs
We publish blogs multiple times per month on events and activities of interest to visitors to Calaveras County. Links to these blogs are included in our partner emails and on the Calaveras Bloggin’ section of our website. Please resend these blogs to YOUR email lists or share on your social media networks to get even more exposure to Calaveras destinations.

Link to us

As part of your CVB partnership we provide at least one listing of your business or service on our website. Check and make sure we’re linking correctly to you and then be sure to link back to us using the words Calaveras Visitors Bureau linking to This develops a higher search engine ranking for our website. A more valuable CVB website benefits you as a partner business.

Use our social media handles

Calaveras social media hashtags
If you’re making a post on Facebook you want us to see, be sure to tag us by adding @GoCalaveras in the caption of your Facebook post. If you’re uploading a photo to Instagram, tag us in the photo  using @GoCalaveras (Instagram photo tagging instructions here) and in the Instagram post caption as well using #GoCalaveras. This not only increases our ability to find your content for consideration in future promotional content, but it also allows Instagram users to find your content in the tagged section of our Instagram profile, as well as when visitors are following our hashtag, making it far more likely that the Instagram algorithm will show YOUR content to our followers and people like them.

Drive visitors to your location with our VIP program

Calaveras VIP program
Every tourist entering the Visitor Center in Angels Camp receives a Calaveras Activities Guide AND a VIP card with a list of the businesses participating in our free VIP program. Offer a simple discount or deal of your choice in order to give visitors an even greater reason to visit your business! Want to join the program? Email [email protected] today to ask questions or get started!

Like our Social Media pages

Calaveras Social Media
We want to target the best possible demographic with our online ads and that includes YOUR business’s Facebook fans. When you like our page located at, we can include your fans in our targeted audience for ads. This will result in more tourism business coming in to Calaveras County and your business. Plus, if you like us, we’ll like you right back and the cycle of positivity continues! Be sure to like our Instagram page too:

Provide us with photos and video

Calaveras photo galleries

We can never have too many great photos of Calaveras County for our website, for our Activities Guide, and for our on-line photo gallery used by travel writers and tour operators. Do you have great photos of your business or other destinations around Calaveras County? Please email us high resolution copies – and let us know if they’re non-copyrighted and shareable. If so, we can add them to our online photo galleries for journalists and media professionals to use. Provide the name of the photographer to make sure they’re properly attributed. You can also email us links to your videos to use in your listing(s) and for other marketing purposes.

Use our beautiful, curated photos

Calaveras photo galleries
Knowing that photography is so essential to destination marketing, we’ve put together quite the collection of photos publicly available for your use – as long as you credit the photographer. Use our online form to access our photo galleries, and make use of the beautiful Calaveras photography to bring visitors to your business.

Attend our Annual Dinners & Innovations in Tourism Awards

CVB Annual Dinner 2017
Network with your tourism partners, get inspiration on contributing to our outstanding tourism destination, learn how the CVB’s marketing plan has fared over the year, and what our return on investment has been, and compete in the Calaveras Craniacs trivia contest to win prizes! The evening is fabulously fun with entertaining and informative presentations, great company, food and wine.

Keep informed by reading Partner Newsletters

The best way to keep up to date with CVB activities, promotional offers, free or reduced fee seminars, events and invitations is to read our partner email blasts. We send one per month specifically to you, our partners, and another showing what we’ve sent to our visitor subscribers so you can see how we’re marketing the county. If you don’t seem to be receiving our emails, please email us with your best contact email address and we will update the information in our database.

Please call or come by if we can be of further assistance to you. Don’t forget, we’re YOUR marketing organization. Be sure to let us know about anything newsworthy going on in your business so we can brag about you!

Get Digital Marketing Support

schedule a meeting
As a destination marketing organization, our digital marketing staff are highly trained in digital marketing and because a rising tide lifts all boats, it is our pleasure to share our digital marketing expertise with you. If you’re looking for some SEO or social media marketing suggestions and inspiration, schedule a free social media audit or intermediate SEO or WordPress troubleshooting conversation with our Digital Content Manager and Social Media Manager Kaedence by emailing [email protected]. Kaedence bases her recommendations for marketing your business based on a bachelors of arts in English, four years of on the ground experience performing digital marketing in Calaveras County, as well as through the guidance of national educational seminars she attends annually, educational tools provided by Visit California, DMAWest, and independent research we perform in-house. We’re here to help you succeed. Need more help than just marketing? Check out the additional resources available to you from Accelerating Business in Calaveras.

Get on our Fam List for more media coverage

Canadian Fam Tour

Canadian journalists join us for the Calaveras Jumping Frog Jubilee

As part of our annual marketing plan, the CVB works on familiarization tours with media, travel writers and tour operators multiple times per year, Fam tours (as they are known) make up an important part of our marketing – as a first-hand experience often sells a destination better than any other marketing effort. Sometimes a fam tour consists of an individual, and sometimes it’s a group. But we always set up these tours with a custom itinerary, catering to the particular interests, readership/followers and requirements of the individual or group. When we put together these fam tours, we ask our local businesses to provide lodging, restaurants and experiences as complimentary (unpaid) with the promise of potential coverage in the media piece being researched, or inclusion in travel itineraries. There is more than a 50% chance that each contributing business will be covered, but we cannot guarantee it. Giving a special, personalized experience and meeting with the individual or group is much more likely to get you coverage than just providing your usual service.

If you are interested in having your business be on our Fam List to be considered for inclusion in an upcoming itinerary, please contact us. We would love to have more variety for our fam tours. Please only offer your business if you can guarantee first-rate customer service with an attention to detail and a willingness to help keep the itinerary proceeding on time for other participating businesses.

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