July 26, 2017

Fall in Love with Calaveras Sweepstakes: Frog Jump Fun

Calaveras County Frog Jump

Sunday is your day to see where the frog magic happens.   The little green competitors for whom our county is famous get special treatment during their stay at the Fair in the Frog Spa.   You’ll get to tour the facilities, learning about how the frogs are cared for and pampered while waiting for their turn on stage. Then you’ll get to go on stage too and jump a frog – because we couldn’t let you come to the Calaveras County Fair without a shot at this most iconic of contests.

Read all about the Frog Jump at the Calaveras County Fair in this article by Loyalty Traveler from 2014: Mark Twain’s Legacy in Calaveras County, California. This article illustrates how frog crazy we are in Calaveras County and includes photos of happy frogs in the Frog Spa.

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