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Social Media Marketing – Where to Start? Use our guide to free Social Media Tools from the top leading social media marketing organizations below.

With so much free information out there, save time sorting the wheat from the chaff by choosing resources that carry name brand recognition. You can let the reputation of each of these social media experts speak for themselves through well-respected name-brand endorsements, providing social proof that they excel at what they do. 

Don’t have enough time to fully commit to your social media marketing strategy? Fortunately for small businesses, applying even small doses of this high quality research can go a long way towards turning your social media marketing strategy into a marketing success.

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1. Free Social Media Tools via Later

Free social media tools: Later
Later is the most popular marketing platform for Instagram. Offering a very affordable User-Generated-Content (UGC) curation and scheduling service for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Later originally began as a tool for Instagram alone, which means that their educational expertise tends to focus on easily digestible Instagram basics to mastery.

Find the Goods at Later

Education Focus: Instagram marketing from A to Z.
Format: Blogs, Guides, and occasional webinars.
Name Brand Endorsements: Yelp, Lonely Planet, Showtime, Steve Madden, GQ, et al.
What We Love About this Resource: We love Later’s newsletter. It’s never too spammy, and provides up-to-date changes to Instagram’s algorithm as well as important Instagram features. We also love that they include easily digestible, bite-sized guides, how-tos and tutorials.

2. Free Social Media Tools via Chute

Free social media tools: ChuteChute offers high end content management services for wealthy companies as well as free educational resources for all. Their high end paid services means they have much deeper pockets for extensive industry research. This results in top of the line free educational materials with high production value. Chute’s educational resources specialize in mastering subjects related to UGC (user-generated-content) curation and visual marketing. Chute also offers an excellent free digital marketing academy. They provide most of their free educational material in the form of blogs, guides, reports, videos, and infographics.

Find the Goods at Chute

Education Focus: Social Media Marketing from A to Z, digital marketing, visual marketing, user-generated content and industry trends
Format: Digital Academy, white papers, articles and videos
Name Brand Endorsements:
Nike, Adidas, National Park Foundation, Hawai’i, Ralph Lauren, et al
What We Love About this Resource:  Not only does Chute do a great job turning complex marketing studies into easy to digest infographics and videos, we cannot rave enough about their laid back and well-organized digital academy.

3. Free Social Media Tools via Hootsuite

Free social media tools: HootsuiteHootsuite is a social media management platform that allows businesses with numerous social media channels to manage multiple social media accounts and conversations all in one place. (Please note: When compared with other industry leaders, Hootsuite’s style of delivery can be a little bit overwhelming for beginning users. You may also notice Hootsuite’s blogs and guides tend to more heavily emphasize their own product placement. We recommend utilizing Hootsuite’s free resources for their educational tips rather than assuming they are always acting as an unbiased source for finding new social media products, blogs, and services.)

Find the Goods at Hootsuite

Education Focus: Social media Marketing A to Z
Format: White papers, guides, case studies, toolkits, and info sheets
Name Brand Endorsement: NYC, World Wildlife Federation, The Rockefeller Federation, et al

4. Free Social Media Tools via Buffer

Free social media tools: BufferWith a special emphasis as leaders in digital marketing education, Buffer describes its paid services as a simple way to schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all of your social media accounts in one place. In addition to their paid services they offer an excellent suite of wide ranging free educational materials in numerous formats, so learners can choose the format that works best for them. 

Find the Goods at Buffer

Education Focus: Social Media Marketing A to Z, design, news, trends, and digital marketing,
Format: Blogs, Guides, Podcast, and Case Studies
Name Brand Endorsement: Business Insider, Fortune Magazine, Shopify,, et al.
What We Love About this Resource:  We love that Buffer has such a prominent focus on social media marketing education as well as a podcast for people who prefer auditory learning. We also love that Buffer goes more in depth on important factors in social media marketing such as design and on-line marketing in general, as well as digital marketing news and trends. 

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