July 20, 2017

Hello Sandy! We welcome our new Office Manager.

Posted : March 14, 2014


This month we welcomed our new Office Manager Sandy Price, who comes to us with an impressive tenure managing startups and small businesses alike.   Sandy and her husband Greg have owned Bear Valley Snowmobile for the last decade, and before that she had an impressive career in Silicon Valley.  With her degree in marketing and accounting from UC Berkeley, Sandy headed into the tech boom and wielded executive sales, marketing and accounting positions at several burgeoning IT companies, including Sun Microsystems.

But after nearly twenty years in the fast paced culture of the South Bay,  the Prices felt it was time for a change.  Shortly after their first son, Mitchell, was born they started looking for new opportunities that would get them closer to the outdoors – and Calaveras County was the top choice. So they purchased a cabin in Arnold and soon enough changed their status from “weekenders in the mountains” to “full-time residents”.

Sandy likes to tell the story of how she and Greg were married twenty years ago on a snowmobile tour in the Tahoe area.  While they certainly enjoyed the sport, it didn’t occur to them they would someday be owners of a similar business in the Sierras.  But when the opportunity to buy the 45 year old Bear Valley Snowmobile business presented itself, they thought it sounded like fun.  It fit their outdoorsy personalities and just “felt right.”  At about the same time they bought the business their second son, Brandon, was born.

Other than snowmobiling, Sandy is an avid flat-water kayaker. Hiking and family bike rides on the trails at New Melones are a regular activity and she’s very active in Scouts with her sons who are now 10 and 13.

While she loves the family business, Sandy jumped at the chance to start something new with the CVB.  “I have to admit I was a little nervous at first,” she says, but adds how excited she is to be working with the other women who run the show at the CVB’s Angels Camp office.  “I had no idea how dynamic this place is!”  As a local business owner, she’s known the place from the outside for years but now gets to see the inner workings, and she is impressed.  Her experience working with start-ups and small businesses will definitely come in handy, and Sandy is thrilled to be stepping into her new office manager position with us.  We couldn’t be happier that she came on board!

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  1. So glad to have Sandy join our team!

  2. Brilliant news to hear such a great person has joined the fabulous Calaveras Visitors Bureau team. Having worked in the travel industry with you all, I know this will be a great collaboration! Congrats Sandy! Cheers, Suki