I Slept with Mark Twain’s Ghost


Did you know that the Murphys Historic Hotel is haunted (among others in the area)?  Lanee Lee, a travel writer from FathomAway.com, recently visited the old hotel and spoke to one of its employees about the past guests that some say still visit every once in a while.  Here’s a little snippet from her article, “I Slept with Mark Twain’s Ghost“…

Murphys Historic Hotel’s most frequent phantom, Eleanor, worked as a chambermaid in the early 1860s. It was there she fell in love with a gold miner who went to seek his fortune, promising to return for her. Sadly, he never did. Legend has it she is STILL waiting in spirit form for him at the hotel. (I guess she hasn’t gotten around to reading He’s Just Not That Into You.)

Who else is haunting Murphys Historic Hotel?  You’ll just have to stay there to find out for yourself.  And if you’re not into ghost hunting, the article provides tons of other reasons why Murphys is a great getaway (wine, caves, big trees and more!), as well as a few other lodging options (just in case you’re scared or something).

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  1. Jessie Reynolds says:

    Since the 50=s have slept, eaten and danced in the saloon at the Hotel. Never encountered the “ghost”, must have been on vacation.i

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