Highway 4, Calaveras County

Copperopolis outdoor recreation includes two beautiful reservoirs and a top California championship golf course. The area features rolling foothills, and beautiful vistas. Bring your bike and explore the area. Consider taking some late night hikes to enjoy the incredible starry skies in this area which make the Milky Way easy to spot. The photo above is by local photographer Jack Forkner who captured sunrise over Highway 4 between Copperopolis and Angels Camp.

Saddle Creek golf resort, Copperopolis, California

Saddle Creek Golf Resort

Copperopolis Outdoor Recreation: CHAMPIONSHIP GOLF COURSE

Saddle Creek Resort is one of California’s top championship golf courses. For avid golfers, this one’s not to be missed. In fact, it was named one of Golf.com’s Must-play courses in Northern California.

Lake Tulloch, Copperopolis | Jack Forkner

Lake Tulloch | Jack Forkner

Copperopolis Outdoor Recreation: RESERVOIRS

Salt Spring Valley Reservoir is just 15 minutes’ drive from the highway, taking you through some gorgeous scenery. Here, you’ll find camping, fishing and boating opportunities at this small, locals’ secret reservoir.

Lake Tulloch is a beautiful reservoir on O’Byrnes Ferry Road with 55 miles of scenic shoreline providing opportunities for boating, fishing, kayaking and waterskiing.

Copperopolis Outdoor Recreation: BIKING

There’s an annual Copperopolis Road Race that snakes through Salt Spring Valley – for a good reason. The route is beautiful. Check out our listing to see the full circuit, which we recommend as a very scenic biking route, bearing in mind that the roads are not well kept, so you will have to make sure to have your bike serviced to make sure nothing is loose – including your water bottle holder 🙂

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