Mokelumne Hill from Hotel Leger's balcony | Lisa Boulton

There’s not doubt that history is part of the charm of Mokelumne Hill. This pretty little Gold Rush town, once the scene of the hustle and bustle of the county seat, including its courthouse with several high-profile cases, is now a picturesque village in the rolling foothills.

Mokelumne Hill Attractions: Hotel Léger

Hotel Leger taken from Petroglyphe Gallery | Lisa Boulton

Hotel Léger taken from Petroglyphe Gallery | Lisa Boulton

At the center of it all is the Hotel Léger, one of Calaveras County’s longest operating historic hotels, and the social center of the town. Here, you can sit on your balcony overlooking the historic downtown and imagine yourself in those rough and ready times of California’s famous Gold Rush. Now, it’s also the site of fun events and entertainment and the area’s premier restaurant: the Whitewater Grill & Saloon.

Mokelumne Hill Attractions: Historic Architecture

Mokelumne Hill's historic architecture | Lisa Boulton

Mokelumne Hill’s historic architecture | Lisa Boulton

This little town is a favorite for photography buffs. It’s literally impossible to get a bad picture of this town that time forgot.

Mokelumne Hill Attractions: Renegade Winery

Renegade Winery diningEnjoy delicious Calaveras wines in the center of historic downtown at Renegade Winery. A spacious patio is the perfect place to enjoy your lunch with the family with wine or microbrews.

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