There’s not a huge number of San Andreas festivals & events – but what they do have is thoroughly entertaining. Here, you can enjoy an air fair, cave lantern tours, Oktoberfest and more. Read on for details on the most popular. For a full list, go to our San Andreas Area Festivals & Events directory. What to know what’s happening right now in the county? Visit our current events calendar.

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San Andreas Festivals & Events: Calaveras Air Fair

The Calaveras Air Fair, Fly-in and Open House, which takes place at the Carol Kennedy airport in San Andreas, is the most fun of the San Andreas festivals & events – really one of the best events in the County. Here, you can take $5 – $10 airplane rides and see a wide variety of amazing planes performing flyovers in military, experimental and specialty aircraft.

Flights over the area show the beautiful, classic Gold Country terrain of rolling foothills dotted with oak trees. The event includes food and drinks available for purchase, and you can take tours of the hangars.

San Andreas Festivals & Events: Pickle Patch Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest at Pickle Patch Deli & Garden

San Andreas Festivals & Events: Pickle Patch Oktoberfest

This fun event is put on by San Andreas’ top restaurant, Pickle Patch Deli & Garden, which features delicious, deli-style salads and sandwiches, barrel-cooked meats and homemade soups and desserts. The festival takes place at their beautiful garden on site, in downtown San Andreas on the north end of town. This event welcomes a rowdy crowd ready to indulge in beer and brats.

San Andreas festivals & events | Cave lantern tours

Lantern tours at California Cavern | Serena Deininger

San Andreas Area Festivals & Events: Cave Lantern Tours

California Cavern annually runs special, historic lantern tours in sensitive areas of the cave usually off limits to the general public. On these tours, you walk through the trail system that was first opened around 1849, which takes you into the Registry Room. This chamber was a place where visitors would scratch their names into the walls of the cave and some date back to the very earliest days of the cave’s walk tours when the price was a pinch of gold dust.

Lodging for these top San Andreas events can sell out, so if you need lodging, be sure to book in plenty of time by using our booking engine above.

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