California Cavern State Historic Landmark

San Andreas top attractions are quite diverse. Here you can find the Calaveras County museum complex including the old courthouse and jail, the Performing Animal Welfare Society, and nearby in Mountain Ranch, the state’s first show cave, California Cavern State Historic Landmark. Antique lovers will enjoy browsing two of the best antique stores in Calaveras County: Antiques Tradng Post

San Andreas top attractions: Calaveras County Museum

Calaveras County Museum

San Andreas Top Attractions: Calaveras County Museum Complex

At the Calaveras County Museum Complex, you can visit the old, historic courthouse and learn about its most famous trials including that of notorious gentleman bandit, Black Bart. You can go inside the original jail, close those iron doors and imagine what it felt like to be there under lock and key. There’s a lot to enjoy here including exhibits on early Miwok settlers, and the California Gold Rush. Be sure to pop into the County Archives for more fascinating history.

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San Andreas Top Attractions: California Cavern, State Historic Landmark

Located just 15 minutes outside of San Andreas, in a beautiful, rural area of Calaveras County called Mountain Ranch, is California Cavern State Historic Landmark Not only is it a beautiful, natural cave, it’s also the site of some fascinating history. You can learn about all of the crazy ways the cave was used from the Gold Rush until the early part of the 20th century on a guided walk tour. Or, for a more immersive and adventurous caving experience, you can take one of two wild caving expeditions.

PAWS - rescued African elaphants

ARK 2000 elephants in their San Andreas environment

San Andreas Top Attractions: Performing Animal Welfare Society

Amazingly enough, yes there are elephants, and lions, and tigers and bears in San Andreas. The Performing Animal Welfare Society rescues performing animals from their abusive environments and brings them here to live out their lives in the beauty and freedom of Calaveras County’s rolling foothills. Although not open to the public, the organization does open the grounds a few times a year for fundraising events.

The Barn Antique Mall

Lamps at The Barn Antique Mall

San Andreas Top Attractions: Antique Stores

Two of the best antique stores in Calaveras County are located in San Andreas, right on Highway 49: San Andreas Trading Post and The Barn Antique Mall. You’ll find all kinds of treasures here from vintage to Victorian, from ornaments, collectibles and housewares to farm equipment and tools.

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