July 25, 2017

Introducing #SocialSaturday

Posted : July 1, 2016

Stacie Walker

Social media is a great way to communicate who we are as a community. Here at the Calaveras visitor center, not a week goes by without some visitor or another exclaiming “Everyone in your region is just so FRIENDLY!” This exclamation is usually followed by a lot of smiling and chatting about future trips to our area. In honor of this asset, the CVB has decided to launch a weekly hashtag called #SocialSaturday. Each Saturday this hashtag will feature a different Calaveras regular who makes an impact on the people they encounter or the community through the work they do.

Because we don’t want our highlights to be limited to the people we personally know best, we would love for any community members to suggest someone that they feel deserves to be highlighted in this way. To make a suggestion, we would need the person’s name, a character revealing photo of them and a description of what makes them special to you. If you’d like to make a nomination but don’t like to write, you can stop in our office or give us a call to tell us about your nomination.

To help highlight what an impact such a post can have, our first #SocialSaturday post featured Gold Country Roasters manager Stacie Walker. You can read the post here:

People are always telling us how SUPER FRIENDLY our community is, and we couldn’t agree more! This ‪#‎SocialSaturday we’re giving a shout out to one of our favorite locals–Stacie Walker, manager of the national award winning Gold Country Roasters in Murphys, California.

She always keeps her cool–even when the whip cream hits the fan! Stacie is one of the many locals that make us feel like we’re all one great big colorful family here in Calaveras County.

During the 2015 Butte Fire, Stacie kept her cool and set up and maintained several FB groups to help individuals, pets, and families find resources, shelter, and safety during the fire. Just one of the many examples at how Stacie shows up for her community. And did we mention she makes a killer cup of coffee J ?


Normally a single photo post (that does not feature wildlife) under optimum circumstances may receive a reach of about 1,000-1,500 people. This single post had a reach of approximately 4,000 people. #SocialSaturday is a great way to take pride in our region, honor individuals who help make this area what it is and give potential visitors a window into one of the best parts of small town living—the community! So if you have an individual you would like us to honor in this way, please let us know via email or by phone. We can’t wait to hear about them!

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