July 24, 2017

Is your Calaveras business listing up to date?

Posted : December 13, 2012

There have been some major overhauls on the CVB website over the last couple of months. Hopefully you have been online recently and like what you see!  The changes we made included re-entering every single business listing on the site, including yours!  Here’s an example…

website enhanced listing

Help us make your business listing the best it can be

Find your listing on the CVB site under the category that best represents your business or use the search function on the upper right hand corner of the site. Your abbreviated listing (like the one above) shows up first. Click your web link there and make sure it takes you to your business website. Next, click on your business name or the “more details” link to go to your full listing which includes a map. Check the links and make sure all of the information is accurate, up to date and best represents your business. Email us with any changes and we will get those updates made ASAP!Do you have a related business or do you think your business should be listed under any other categories? Let us know… there’s no additional charge for this.  Also, let us know if your business has won any awards or recognition and we will add that information to your listing. Do you have videos? We will upload your video links from YouTube or Vimeo to our site and include a link under your listing and in our Video section.Please also consider sending us photos of your business. We are especially interested in any photos that feature people enjoying activities/recreation/relaxation in Calaveras County. You may have great photos of your own family enjoying a day of hiking at New Melones or eating at your favorite local restaurant, enjoying local wines, or playing in the snow at White Pines. These are all photos that could be used in our Activities Guide  to show off the best of Calaveras to visitors. And best of all, they would feature you and/or your business!And finally, do you consider your business pet-friendly or kid-friendly?  If they’re not on your listing already, we can add our new icons (as pictured above), so let us know.As always, all members can participate in our VIP program, which offers special travel discounts to visitors and encourages more people to stop by your business. Check out what some other area businesses are already offering.Long story short, the better you keep us informed, the better we can promote your business to visitors.

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