July 25, 2017

Marketing Tip of the Month: How to Pitch the Press

Posted : October 21, 2013

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Pitching the media is easier than you think.  But there’s a right and a wrong way to do it.  After all, anyone can dig up an email for a reporter or producer, put together a quick message talking about how great their company or event is and then hit the send button. But doing your homework and coming up with a stand-out story idea is what will pay off best.

For example, when Calaveras County had two great events coming up, Lumberjack Day and Calaveras Grape Stomp, the CVB pitched a grape-stomping lumberjack segment to the regional TV news stations.  Most stations had already covered other grape stomp events in the past, or in some cases earlier this year.  However, offering a strong and humorous visual element to accompany the story  (people dressed up as lumberjacks stomping grapes) provided a creative twist to make the segment new and exciting for the stations, and ultimately, landed great coverage for the area.

How to Pitch the Press: 8 No-fail Strategies 

If reaching out to the media intimidates you, or you think you have to hire somebody to do it for you, you’ll want to read this recent article from Forbes.com, “How to Pitch the Press: 8 No-fail Strategies.” It’s a great set of basic rules that anyone can follow. Good luck!

Got other questions about pitching the press?  Ask below and we’ll answer.



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