July 27, 2017

Marketing Tip of the Month: Personal Stories Make Good Pitches

Posted : September 30, 2013

Over at the Calaveras Visitors Bureau, we get a lot of press releases from members.  Some good, some not so good.  We’re not going to pick on anyone here, but we are going to give kudos to a local business who definitely  “gets it” and is doing things right.

Check out the press release below we received from Cave & Mine Adventures.  Not only did they share a neat story about one of their visitors, but they also took photos and created a video of the person featured in their story.  These are all elements that make the media’s job easier and increase the odds of your story getting picked up (i.e. FREE PUBLICITY!).  Not to mention, they’re great to use on your social media networks to promote your business, as well.

Do you have a story to tell?  How can you use Cave & Mine Adventures’ strategy to help tell your business’ story?



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sydney Sullivan, Murphys, CA.

It takes guts and the love of adventure to launch oneself off of Moaning Cavern Adventure Park’s 1500-foot Twin Zip Lines.  Adding the challenge of not being able to walk requires a special person: a person who pushes herself to not let her limitations prevent her from experiencing adventure.  That special person is Sydney Sullivan who challenged her own abilities, as well as the Zip Lines at Moaning Cavern Adventure Park.

Sydney Sullivan, 19, of Murphys CA., has cerebral palsy and learned to walk at age 9 after several operations.  She has limited use of her legs and requires the assistance of a walker, but she participates in soccer, rides roller coasters and now is a proficient zipper.

“She is a doer,” says her mother, Joan Sullivan.  “We’ve taken her to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and she wanted to try everything.”

Joan visited Moaning Cavern earlier this summer and approached Matt Jukich, Moaning Cavern’s assistant manager of the Zip Lines about accommodating Sydney.

“Joan explained Sydney’s needs and we worked out a plan to accommodate her limited mobility,” said Jukich.  “We love to offer adventure to our guests, but it’s always special to be able to provide, when possible, the fun of zipping to someone who may not get the opportunities the rest of us take for granted.”

Moaning Cavern Adventure Park tries to provide adventures to any customer that has the capacity and the courage to zip, rappel and climb.

“We believe in the culture of adventure and risk taking.  So often society tells people who have special challenges that ‘you can’t do that.’  We don’t want to be that kind of company,” said Stephen Fairchild, president of Cave and Mine Adventures that operates Moaning Cavern Adventure Park.

Moaning Cavern has zipped Veterans with limited walking abilities and allowed a blind person and a person with one hand to rappel 165-feet into the cavern.

“It was so wonderful to see Sydney’s big smile at the end of the Zip Line,” said Sullivan.  “The staff exceeded all expectations of service and caring and we hope to return as soon as possible”.

About Cave and Mine Adventures…
Cave and Mine Adventures operates 3 “Underground Adventure” locations in California’s beautiful Gold Country: Black Chasm Cavern, located in Volcano, CA., California Cavern, located near Mountain Ranch, CA. and Moaning Cavern Adventure Park, located in Vallecito, CA., each of which offers both underground and above ground activities.

At the caverns we describe the geologic processes which occurred to form each cavern and its speleothems (formations), the role of caverns in human culture and history, and the importance of protecting these fragile and precious, ever-evolving, natural environments.We strive to provide a rich and enjoyable experience for our guests at each of our locations and do all we can to accommodate any special needs or requests.

We offer special pricing and incentives to schools and educational organizations in our School Program.


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