5 Reasons to Love May in Calaveras County

Wondering what there is to do during May in Calaveras? Well the answer is a LOT! Read on for our guide to 5 things to absolutely LOVE about playing in Calaveras County in May.

Friends at the Frog Jump I Courtesy of Instagrammer @julia_not_julie

1. May in Calaveras Means Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee

Become a part of the living legend, at one of the longest running fairs in California. This four day event draws participants from towns not only all around the United States, but also from all around the world. Featuring classic fair food, a derby smash, wine tasting, fair rides, and–oh yes, a chance to become a world famous frog jumping champion, the fair is one big event you won’t want to miss.

When: May 16th-May19th 2019
Where: Angels Camp, CA
Learn More: Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee

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Located in the beautiful rolling foothills of California’s Gold Country just outside the quaint Gold Rush town of Angels Camp, the international The Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee is disguised as a small town fair harkening back to a simpler era. But don’t let appearances fool ya. The Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee blends good ol’ fashioned fun with a hearty dollop of world literary history. Held the 3rd weekend in May in Angels Camp, CA each year (Thursday through Sunday) the Calaveras County Fair and Jumping Frog Jubilee commemorates the story that launched Mark Twain’s career, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.

May in Calaveras, May in Calaveras County
Wildflowers near Murphys at sunset I Courtesy of Instagrammer @joelmetzger

2. May in Calaveras Means Wildflowers

Life in the Sierra Foothills starts getting green in March and the first wave of wildflowers begins in April, but they continue rolling through the lower elevations well through Spring and move up the mountain all the way through summer. So what can you look forward to in wildflowers land during May throughout Calaveras County? While blooms vary each year, 2019’s blooms include loads of purple, white, and yellow wildflowers, with bright vibrant splashes of red. Looking for places to hunt wildflowers out during your time in Calaveras? Keep your eyes peeled for colorful swathes along the hillsides as your driving Highway 4, Highway 49, and Highway 26 among others, that’s a good indication if you pull over or go for a quick hike, you’re in for some native Sierra wildflower action. Looking to expand your wildflower vocabulary beyond the ever lovely poppy? Check out our guide to wildflowers throughout Calaveras County to learn where even more diverse beauties abound.

Calaveras Farmers Market, Farmers Markets
Angels Camp Farmers Market begins Friday  May 24th 2019 I Courtesy of Instagrammer @the_pollen_co

3. May in Calaveras Means Events Going Crazy

From Mother’s Day brunches and mimosas, to the beginning of Calaveras Concert series, farmers markets, car shows, writers retreats and more, May is the month that events in Calaveras begin revving into high gear. Scout out Calaveras events in May through our on-line calendar of Calaveras events (updated daily).

Ironstone Vineyards Summer Concert Series ANNOUNCED!View Ironstone Vineyards Summer Concert series lineup here.

Summer Concert Ironstone Amphitheatre
Ironstone Amphitheatre Summer Concert Series

Want to receive notifications about upcoming events? Make sure you are signed up for our Calaveras County monthly newsletter to get the most up-to-date scoop on events happening throughout the county, and follow us via the Calaveras Visitors Bureau on Facebook and at GoCalaveras on Instagram for gorgeous nature posts and updates on our biggest local events. You can also view an overview of some of our biggest events in May throughout Calaveras County using our annual Calaveras County events list by month here

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Bud Break at Grant Family VIneyards I Courtesy of Calaveras WInegrape Alliance

4. May in Calaveras Means Wine Bottling and Vineyard Buds Breaking Out

Wake up, sleepy vines. It’s time to stretch out your limbs and get this vintage started! Take it from the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance, ever wonder why Spring in Calaveras Vineyards is so lovely? Here’s a little science behind the vineyard spring bud:

The air is warming up here in Calaveras County which means slumbering vines are ready to push out their leaves, and later, big bunches of grapes. When the weather starts to stay at around 46-50 degrees, it prompts the appearance of green through vine bud scales. The buds have been tightly packed all winter and the vines have been using the energy they’ve stored up. Once they open, buds will start gathering more energy through photosynthesis, eventually filling their canopies with the lovely green foliage that lights up hillsides across wine countries everywhere.

Presidents Wine Weekend, Presidents Weekend, Calaveras Wine
Celebrating great wine at Chatom Winery I Courtesy of Instagrammer @tjstarr

Bud break not only represents a key growth stage for these plants, but it also represents the start of a new year in the wine industry. As the vines begin to gather up new energy and begin the grape cycle, winemakers make room for the new vintage by bottling prior vintages. This opens up space in tanks and barrels and finally sends that wine out into the world. That makes May an extra fun time to come explore Calaveras Vineyards. Take a peak at what winemakers throughout Calaveras County are experiencing in May, with the fabulous video blog created by Calaveras Winegrape Alliance: Bottling and Bud Break in Calaveras County

Traveling with beer lovers? Don’t forget to checkout the Beer Lovers Guide to Calaveras County.

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Murphys Historic Hotel Flowers I Courtesy of Instagrammer @kristiescards

5. May in Calaveras Means Enjoying Flower Lined Gold Rush Towns

With flower-filled barrels, green hillsides, shaded historic walkways and gorgeous Gold Rush architecture, May is a great time to find an excuse to go strolling through the Gold Rush. Whether shopping, wine tasting, enjoying art galleries, or looking for hidden history, with Spring in the air, Calaveras County in May is a dreamy time to explore the great indoors. Learn more with our Guide to Explore the Great Indoors in Calaveras County.

Historic Main Street Angels Camp | Carol Richardson
Beautiful Historic Downtown Angels Camp always dresses up for May

Happy travels!