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Membership Has its Privileges – But You Have to Use Them!

Posted : April 21, 2014

Can you feel it coming?   May… it always seems like it’s here before you know it, when tourist season really begins to ramp up and you don’t come up for air until sometime after Labor Day.  Marketing your business during this time drops to somewhere near the bottom of the to-do list,  but it shouldn’t, and one of the perks of CVB membership is that we can help you promote your business while you’re busy helping visitors.   We wanted to put a few bees in your bonnet as a reminder to keep us in the loop as the season gets going.

San Francisco Travel Showcase

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Image: an example of how SF Travel promotes other destinations on their site

First on the calendar for May is a trip to the San Francisco Travel Showcase,  where we will be jumping into a very special presentation to promote Calaveras County to the SF Travel staff.   Just as your business has a marketing partnership with the CVB, we are partners with the SF Travel office,  and they offer potential exposure to more than 4.8 million website visitors annually.  Their staff is constantly on the lookout for interesting travel referrals in the region, and this will be our chance to make the case for a trip to Calaveras.

Since we’ll be there shortly before Frog Jump, it only seemed right to invite some real-life frogs to join us, and they were happy to oblige, along with an official bullfrog wrangler who will help out with amphibian management.  Apparently not everyone brings wildlife to these meetings, and that effort got us a spot as the final presenter, ensuring that Calaveras will leave a lasting impression.   Immediately following the presentation our San Francisco Travel partners will be treated to a catered lunch by our own Lunch Lady Catering.

This is but one of many sales pitches the CVB makes throughout the year to a wide variety of travel industry partners, and we’re always looking for unique ideas to set ourselves apart.  You can help by keeping us up to date with your business news,  ideas for itineraries and any off-the-beaten-path bits of info that can make a visit to Calaveras County special.

Sunset Celebration Show

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Image: past Gold Country coverage from Sunset Magazine

At the end of May the CVB and the Calaveras Winegrape Alliance will team up for Sunset Celebration Weekend, a fun annual event where the pages of Sunset magazine come to life at the publisher’s headquarters in Menlo Park.   Think of it as a spring fair where all the exhibitors are there to represent the great stuff you see in the magazine – food and wine, home and garden, travel and leisure.  Representatives from the CVB and CWA will have a booth offering tastes of Calaveras wines, activities guides and wine country maps.  Wine drives a lot of traffic to our county and we think the audience at Sunset will be thrilled to “discover” all that Calaveras has to offer.

Upcoming FAM trips

That’s shorthand for “familiarization trips” that we offer to visiting media who are interested in travel stories about Calaveras County, and they happen all year.  The theme for May is Red Wine, White Water and Blue Jeans and is a joint effort with other visitors bureaus to promote Gold Country and ties into our 2014 co-op ad in the California Visitors Guide.   Visiting journalists will be taken on a whirlwind tour including Calaveras County Fair, CAMPS Restaurant, Courtwood Wine Tours, Black Bear Inn, Sequoia Woods Country Club, Calaveras Big Trees State Park and Moaning Cavern Park and will be treated to catering by Lila and Sage before heading south into Tuolumne County and to Yosemite.  Any members interested in participating in future FAM trips should contact Lisa Boulton at the CVB, it’s a great opportunity to network with influential media and showcase your product or service.

Are you sharing?

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Image: Our Facebook Homepage – Like Us if you haven’t already

The CVB Facebook following is currently around 10K, a decent number of eyeballs to see what we’re promoting in the county, and every day we go looking for what members are sharing on their own pages as well.  Make sure that sharing your news with us becomes part of your routine, and we’ll make sure to push it out to our followers as well.   Two recent examples of members’ posts that we shared and received a lot of positive feedback on were Courtwood Wine Tours Adult Summer Camp and Marisolio’s Spring Picnic Class.   Watch what other member businesses are sharing and with whom to get ideas for how you can leverage the social media sphere for yourself!

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