Murphys, California: Hidden Gem

Video Vixens come to Calaveras County and find a great deal to enjoy: wineries, restaurants, cupcakes, giant sequoias, zip lines, rappels and more! Featured locations: Villa Vallecito | Twisted Oak Winery | Vina Moda | Newsome-Harlow | Ayriel Vieux | Calaveras Big Trees State Park | Moaning Cavern Zip Lines | Lila & Sage Cupcakes | Grounds Restaurant | Firewood Restaurant | Mineral Restaurant | Querencia | Murphys Historic Hotel

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  1. Jessie Reynolds says:

    Great video, EXCEPT you missed the very heart of Murphys….beautiful Murphys Park. I am a former long time resident, held annual family reunion at the gazebo area next to the creek where one could fish, swim (if a child), tube and enjoy.

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