The New Partnership DMO Model

The Calaveras Visitors Bureau has fully embraced the new DMO recommended model. It may be confusing to those who have grown used to the membership model we have operated under since our beginning,  so we’ve put together this short presentation to explain how it works, and why it’s recommended.

In case for some reason, you are unable to view the presentation, here is a full transcript:


The Evolution of the Destination Marketing Organization

  • DMOs usually began as an offshoot of the Chamber of Commerce, started by member businesses, and can be county and/or city organizations.
  • There are hundreds located in California alone, some operating visitors centers, and others not.
  • They are almost always funded by TOT dollars and/or Tourism Improvement Districts, with additional financial support provided by membership fees.
  • The membership model was inherited from the Chamber of Commerce origins.

The Traditional Membership Model

  • DMOs are restricted to marketing paid members only – giving an incomplete picture of the destination’s inventory of tourism assets to potential visitors.
  • Marketing fewer attractions negatively impacts the marketability of the destination.
  • Bottom line: fewer visitors, fewer hotel room nights and less income generated for the community.

The New Partnership Model

  • DMOs can market all assets inside and outside their destination with the potential to significantly increase tourism visitation.
  • With a broader spectrum of tourism assets, DMOs can create marketing initiatives that can:
    • Drive tourism to traditionally under-served areas in the destination.
    • Capitalize on emerging tourism trends by freely marketing all relevant assets.
    • Encourage repeat visits by promoting “new” features and activities, rather than simply promoting the same assets to a few niche audiences.

The Partnership Model and the CVB

  • All Calaveras tourism assets are now considered “Partners.”
  • The partnership model doesn’t preclude partner financial investment in CVB projects such as :
    • Joint marketing collaborations like the San Francisco Chronicle Gold Country weddings & adventure section in 2017.
    • Paid listings and advertising in the Calaveras Visitors Guide, 80,000 of which are distributed annually throughout California and beyond.
    • Partnering on trade show booths at the Bay Area Travel Show and the LA Travel Show – the two highest attended consumer travel shows in the nation.

Partnership Model Advantages

  • Our new website, social media and other online marketing strategies are based on what’s optimal for the entire destination rather than what most benefits only paid members.
  • Maintaining comprehensive, engaging content on the entire destination online, ensures expert ranking across all platforms. This is important for many reasons including: 
    • A core hub for information on the county helps to expand the visitor interest and length of stay by offering other trip ideas and content they may be interested in.
    • Keeping the information centralized provides better service to the visitor, allowing them to find all they need to know in one spot.
  • Retaining brand authority through the CVB website and various digital platforms allows the Calaveras destination to maintain control of messaging utilizing the best practice strategies of industry experts:
    • Visit California
    • DMAWest
    • Tourism marketing regions: the GCVA and HSVC
  • With the launch of the new website, we have inventoried more Calaveras tourism assets than ever before, allowing us to deliver a better visitor experience, while serving more businesses in the county. And this expansion will continue over time.

Questions? Give us a call at 209-736-0049.