July 24, 2017

Saddle Creek Golf Resort Welcomes Rick Morgan

Posted : January 26, 2015

When Rick Morgan got the call to come to Saddle Creek he was thrilled.   Morgan, who took over as General Manager of the resort last July, calls it the best golf course in Northern California after Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hill.   A 30-year veteran of the California golf industry, Morgan had played the course numerous times prior to coming on board and was very impressed with the area.  He previously spent ten years as general manager at Woodbridge Golf and Country Club near Lodi, overseeing the club’s transformation into a world-class facility with golf, swimming, tennis and full dining services.

Near the top of Rick’s wish list for Saddle Creek is attracting more locals to play the course.  As a semi-private golf course, non-member players always have the option to simply pay greens fees for a game of golf.  Of course, as dues paying members, your deals on golf as well as food and beverages are much better.  But there’s a delicate balance also in keeping with the brand of Saddle Creek as a top shelf golf destination.   Morgan’s vision is that local players will see Saddle Creek as an opportunity to play a high end course, without the high end preconceptions and stereotypes that tend to go along with golf courses and country clubs.  Sure, there’s a gate and a dress code, but you can also enjoy the lower rates of a semi-private club, and even a local price package for residents of Calaveras and Tuolumne counties.   Add to that Saddle Creek’s fine dining opportunities thanks to its executive chef, and you have what Rick Morgan thinks is an affordable experience that’s still very beneficial to members.

Morgan and the rest of the team at Saddle Creek are exploring new marketing and networking ideas, including getting out into the community for some face time.  One thing he would love to see is more events at Saddle Creek that bring in families and give people the chance to see what the resort has to offer.   Stay and play packages have also been a good way to attract groups of players coming from out of the area.  As for himself, Rick has been busy since becoming general manager, and he hopes to spend more time exploring the towns, lakes and culture of the foothills.

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