Free Social Media Audit with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau

What are your burning social media marketing questions? Read on to learn how to get them answered with a free social media audit with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau.

Which businesses are eligible?

If your business serves tourists and is based in either Calaveras County or Bear Valley, you are eligible for an annual free social media audit with the Calaveras Visitors Bureau digital content manager and social media manager Kaedence Eaton.

How do I request a free social media audit?

Eligible businesses can reach out to schedule a free social media audit by emailing Kaedence directly at Before your audit, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are performing your social media marketing?
  • How much time/energy is each participant currently devoting to social media marketing each week or day?
  • Which social media channels is your business currently active on?
  • What are your perceived biggest challenges in relation to social media marketing at the moment?
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know about your business, social media marketing experience/process before we meet for our social media consultation?

How does a social media audit work?

When you request an audit, you will be asked to answer the questions above in order for us to make recommendations that our tailored to your businesses’ unique needs. After receiving this information, our digital content manager and social media marketing expert, Kaedence, use her social media marketing training and expertise to examine your currently existing social media channels through the lens of social media marketing best practices. With your unique business and questions in mind, she will then prepare an individualized social media audit, including:

  • Feedback on everything that is working well for you in your current practices.
  • Social media marketing tips tailored to your industry and unique business size.
  • The actions that are the most important first steps for your business to take to improve your overall social media marketing strategy.
  • Additional free/affordable resources that may make managing your social media accounts less labor intensive.
  • Additional CVB vetted free resources to learn more about any facet of social media your team would like additional training in.

What makes this free service special?

These audits go beyond any generic content you can find on-line by tailoring your social media audit to your business’ unique structure and social media marketing needs. We also make recommendations based on the CVB’s unique, specialized knowledge on what the average visitor in Calaveras is looking for, and where that information should be located online. This specialized knowledge cannot be found anywhere else.

What is the goal of this service?

As a destination marketing organization, the Calaveras Visitors Bureau knows that a rising tide lifts all boats. With this free service, our goal is to help you get your social media marketing program started on the most efficient path to increase your success over time.

We strive for this goal by giving your team the unique tools, insights and resources the Calaveras Visitors Bureau has acquired as a professional marketing organization promoting Calaveras County over years of dedicated research, effort and expert industry training.

Have additional questions? Email Kaedence at to learn more today.

Thank you for making Calaveras County a great place to live, work, and play. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your ongoing journey of social media mastery!