Calaveras Gets Social!

You can do social media marketing
Calaveras Gets Social

Welcome to the Social Savvy Calaveras blog series!

Here at the CVB we love where we live and are passionate about helping to market your unique Calaveras business. Let us make your marketing strategy more affordable, effective, and efficient through this blog series. Read to the end to get our single most important tip of the year!

My name is Kaedence I look forward to hearing your biggest social media questions, challenges, and major wins via email at or in the comments below. Here are a few goodies to look forward to in future posts:

  1. Techno-phobic? We’ve Got You Covered! 
    • Tips and Tricks to Get By
  2. How to Set Social Media Marketing Goals and Get  Feedback on Success Rates
  3. Social Media Marketing – Beginners
    • Getting Started 
      • Facebook
      • Twitter, Instagram, etc.
      • Social Media Tips for Your Unique Industry
      • Streamline Your Social Media Strategy
  4. Social Media Marketing – Intermediate
    • How To Get the Most Out of Each Social Media Platform
    • Have You Streamlined Your Social Media Strategy Yet?
  5. Social Media Marketing in the Age of Authenticity
  6. How to Make Social Media Do the Work for You
    • Improve Your Hashtag Game
    • How To Tailor Content to Each Social Media Platform

Whatever your social media marketing game level is at the moment, this series will improve your confidence, provide time saving tips and tricks, and increase your efficiency all while providing specialized information tailored to Calaveras’ unique visitor (and potential visitor) demographics. And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

The single most important Social Savvy Calaveras tip of 2016, is…

Use the hashtag #lovingcalaveras on your Instagram and Facebook photo and video posts to help the CVB find your posts in order to share your content and promote your business for free! One great social media win of the month has been the Stockton Record contacting us to do a travel write up on the area after seeing our curated wildflower photos via multiple social media outlets. Let your great content be the next big hit for our area! Use #lovingcalaveras to be seen by major national and international travel organizations that the CVB works with everyday. And remember, one small step can get BIG results.