When an Error Becomes an Opportunity

Every once in a while, in marketing as in life, a mistake creates an opportunity. This happened recently with the San Francisco Chronicle, in which a paid editorial section (otherwise known as an advertorial), published a map with a design error that eliminated Calaveras County from California’s Gold Country corridor.

Like many locals in the area, our team here at the Calaveras Visitors Bureau (CVB) wasn’t too happy about this error (to say the least), so we immediately contacted our San Francisco Chronicle sales rep and Gold Country partners to see what could be done. After much discussion with the SF Chronicle, our sales rep did the right thing and compensated our community with a free half page ad featuring Calaveras County.

In addition to this half-page ad (coming out April 29th, 2018), the CVB meets almost monthly with the leaders of destination marketing organizations from each of the Gold Country counties which are members of the Gold Country Visitors Association. The Calaveras Visitors Bureau made sure resolving this matter was a priority on the agenda for the next meeting.

Meanwhile, in addition to the half page ad, our SF Chronicle sales rep has reserved space for local Calaveras businesses to purchase advertising at reduced rates in the same issue.  If this is an opportunity that you would like to take advantage of, you can follow up with Steve Weimer at the SF Chronicle.

While we are (of course) not pleased that this error arose in the first place, we are grateful to have a strong working relationship with the SF Chronicle (as well as our Gold Country partners) that enabled us to not only address the matter as swiftly and effectively as possible,  but also to ensure that it is highly unlikely to ever occur again.

Keep an eye open for the April 29th travel section of the San Francisco Chronicle, where you will see this ad: