Tips for Mark Twain Fun at the Mark Twain Wild West Fest

Calling all Twainiacs! Gearing up for the Mark Twain Wild West Fest this October 19th? Here are our top tips to help you maximize your Mark Twain fun at the family-friendly Mark Twain Wild West Fest.

Calling all Twainiacs! Gearing up for the Mark Twain Wild West Fest this October 19th 2019? Here are our top tips to help you maximize your Mark Twain fun at the family-friendly Mark Twain Wild West Fest, Sat. Oct. 19th 2019.  From knowing the best places to park for the event, to catching cool things to see and do in the area before, during, and after the event–you won’t want to miss this chance to take your Mark Twain celebrations to the next level.

1. Mark Twain fun lives year round in Angels Camp, California!

When most people think of Mark Twain they think of the South, but according to Twain himself, his literary fortune sprang from his time in California–Angels Camp, California to be exact. Arrive early or stay late to explore the historic old west town of Angels Camp, California. Discover the cute shops, family friendly restaurants, and engaging attractions that now reside in the place that led Mark Twain to find his voice and discover the story that would later launch his career–Angels Camp California. There’s a reason Mark Twain’s later notebooks referred to his local friends and time in the area fondly. Discover why for yourself.

Historic downtown Angels Camp by Carol Richardso

Historic downtown Angels Camp | Carol Richardson


2. BYO Costumes!

The internationally beloved Mark Twain is known for coming up with some of the most convincing and memorable characters of all time. Join the Mark Twain fun by DIYing a character costume of your own. Let your imagination run wild or choose from one of Mark Twain’s  many literary collections to bring a pre-existing character to life through your own creative decorations. Whether inspired by the steampunk theme Twain’s mansion emulates, the wild west, or Mr. Twain’s works coming in costume will definitely take your Mark Twain fun to the next level.

Instagrammer @by.anna.christina and her family have DIY steampunk down to an art! 


3. Find Mark Twain fun, hidden photo-ops, and event parking, early.

Already exploring Angels Camp? With your Calaveras Experience Guide in tow, you can scout out Mark Twain fun statues and murals hidden throughout Angels Camp or even get a chance to scout out the best places to park for the Mark Twain Wild West Fest before the event. When scouting out Mark Twain fun photo ops, make sure to say hi to Mark for us, and tag your photos with #MarkTwainWildWestFest for a chance to be featured next year. Looking for the best place to park during the event? With a free shuttle service running the day of the event, we recommend parking at the Bret Harte High School or St. Patrick’s Church, just North of the event.

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Instagrammer @kdeemiller enjoys a family re-union with Mark Twain in front of Camps Restaurant in Angels Camp.

4. Get into the creative spirit of Mark Twain fun with story slams and events for writers.

Feeling the creative bug? Mark Twain has that effect on us as well! Get your creative juices flowing the day before the event by joining a local Story Slam in Murphys Friday Oct. 18th or Story Round-Up event at Manzanita Arts Emporium Saturday October 19th. Find more details on either event by viewing our on-line calendar of Calaveras events and selecting the date you are interested in learning more about.

Photo Courtesy of the official @manzanitawriterspress Instagram account.

5. Meet Mark Twain in person!

Did someone say selfie time? Mr. Twain may have been born in 1835, but when you meet him in person at the Mark Twain Wild West Fest, you’ll swear he’s not a day over 100. Challenge Mr. Twain to a verbal dual, swap yarns, say hello, or ask for a tall tale–this is one literary encounter you won’t forget.

Mark Twain Wild West Fest by Jan Hovey

Henry Angell & Mark Twainl | Jan Hovey


6. Mark Twain + Popcorn = Awesome Movie Night

Before or after your stay in Angels Camp, bust out the popcorn and big cozy blankets! It’s family movie night! When most people think of Mark Twain’s literary start they typically don’t think California; the family-friendly international award winning documentary “88 Days in the Motherlode” sets the record straight. Find a DVD copy of 88 Days in the Motherlode throughout the county here. You can find 88 Days in the Motherlode streaming on-line here.

A post shared by Fran Martins (@fran.mf_) on

Instagrammer @fran.mf_ makes popcorn just the way we like it11in extra large quantities!

Looking for lodging? Find Angels Camp lodging or Calaveras County lodging here.

Nuggets of Gold Raffle

Nuggets of Gold Raffle

You can win nearly $6,000 worth of genuine gold nuggets from California’s famous Mother Lode in the Nuggets of Gold Raffle with a choice to either take the gold, or take a large cash prize instead. The winning ticket will be drawn at 4:00 pm on the day of the Mark Twain Wild West Fest. Contact Angels Camp Business Association for details.

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