July 25, 2017

Tourism Employee Incentive Exchange

Posted : October 1, 2014

Hovey tasting room
Here’s a scenario that plays out countless times in any tourist destination –  You’re at a restaurant or perhaps your hotel, and you ask your server for a local recommendation.   Sometimes their answer can turn you on to a new experience that you wouldn’t otherwise have found on your own.  Granted, the response is always subjective but when you ask the question, you’re assuming they have a reasonable command of what to do, where to eat, sleep, etc. in the area.

It’s no different for travelers to Calaveras County, and if you run a business that caters to tourists, you know a good word from the locals is priceless.  That’s why we’re launching a new effort to give tourist industry employees – the folks who have daily face time with travelers to our area – a chance to experience what Calaveras has to offer through an employee rewards program for member businesses.

employee-recognitionHow it works:   You have either a product, service, or event you would be willing to trade for another business’ product/service/event of similar value.  This becomes the bonus (or incentive, or employee of the month award…you get the idea)  that you give to your employees so they can be better informed about Calaveras businesses and be part of the positive word-of-mouth network.

We have set up some initial categories of Bronze ($25-50 value) Silver ($50-100 value)  Gold ($100-150) and Platinum (over $150 value) and we’re asking our member businesses to go to our online form, then choose which category best suits what you have to offer. We will maintain a list on our website of all the possible options and contact information for each offer, so that when you wish to participate or give one of the deals to your employees, all you need to do is go online, browse the offers and contact the participating business to make an exchange offer.

But we also want your input!  As this is a new project, based on some successful examples from local companies, we would love ideas on how to make it a great experience for everyone involved.   Examples include Bear Valley trading lift passes for Moaning Cavern Adventure Park passes, or two local restaurants trading free appetizers, or perhaps a buy-one-get-one entree.  You decide what works for you and let us know how to improve the concept.

Feel free to email our Executive Director, Lisa Boulton, lisab@gocalaveras.com  or call 209-736-4009 with additional suggestions.

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