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Acme Art - Moke Hill is a place to play, create and make new friends. Anne Cook and Will Mosgrove offer warm and inviting arts workshops for the public, private groups and parties. Acme Art - Moke Hill will be open as a shop every weekend until Christmas from 11 am to 5 pm. Shop locally and help support your friends and neighbors.

Acme Art, Mokelumne Hill, CA

As a creative playground, ACME ART offers art classes and workshops for all age groups and all skill levels. Many of the classes are intended for those with an interest in the arts, but with little or no art experience.

Acme Art Moke HillConnecting ACME to the Road Runner cartoons is natural but ACME, in this case, stands for ‘A Cook – Mosgrove Enterprise’. Anne Cook and Will Mosgrove relocated to Mokelumne Hill as they had been searching for a simpler quieter lifestyle after 40 years of Bay Area hustle and bustle. Looking specifically for a small town with a strong sense of community and history, they hit ‘gold’ when they stumbled upon Moke Hill three years ago.

Acme Art Moke HillSoon after their move, Anne rented the 200 square foot French Bakery building on Main Street as her art studio and started teaching a few classes. This historic replica was a great starting point for introducing Anne and Will to the town, however the space was not big enough for all they wanted to offer together. Fortunately, the perfect building became available at the North end of Main Street and Acme Art – Moke Hill was born.

This new venture is now offering community based art and craft workshops. Anne and Will’s vision is to make Acme Art – Moke Hill a “creative playground”. They are hosting a variety of small classes including painting, drawing, mosaics, jewelry making, photography and collage. All classes are open enrollment with no prerequisites and are taught to each attendee’s current skill set.

Anne and Will are graduates of the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and are internationally recognized and award winning artists. Their disciplines include photography, graphic design, illustration, collage and assemblage, jewelry making and mosaics. Their goal is to make art affordable and available to anyone with an interest in artistic growth.

Featured artists are:

Kevin Brady – Watercolors
Anne Cook – Jewelry and Collage Under Glass
Kristine Lavender Love – Mosaics
Deborah Marlene – Watercolors and Alcohol Ink on Tile
Will Mosgrove – Black and White Photography using Alternative Cameras
Molly Moya – Mosaics and Jewelry
Lynne Sutton – Watercolors, Collage and Jewelry

Acme Art: leaf bugs project

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