Crazy Eddie’s Panini Grill

Crazy Eddie's Panini Grill, San Andreas, CA

Crazy Eddie’s Panini Grill is a family restaurant featuring paninis, subs, salads, burgers and dogs paired with their own signature sauces, mustards, and spices developed over 30 years. You can catch their flavorful lunches weekdays only.

They offer great food, great service and a friendly family environment and invite you to try their food made with the finest ingredients, special care and love. Oh, and let’s not forget those sauces!

You can purchase their hot sauces, mustards, rubs and seasonings from their website’s online store where you can also get their award winning fudge and a selection of recipes using their sauces & rubs.

In October 2017 Crazy Eddie’s received the necessary permits and started brewing their own craft beers in house.

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