Fusion Grill

Fusion Grill Mongolian BBQ

Fusion Grill features delicious Mongolian barbecue and Chinese cuisine, our restaurant has been open since 2006 offering friendly service with great food. Let us satisfy your cravings and enjoy the goodness of our freshly made dishes every day.

Fusion Grill Valley Springs

Mongolian BBQ – made fresh to order

You can order off the menu,  or you can assemble your own BBQ ingredients by picking your meat from beef, chicken, pork, sausage, shrimp, and bbq pork, then pick from three different types of noodles, choose your fresh veggies, and over a dozen sauces and have it all cooked up fresh on the grill in front of you. Since you pick all of your own ingredients and there are plenty of vegetable options, you can easily create a tasty vegetarian option.

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