The Hippie Closet

Hippie Closet historic building exterior

Looking for something free spirited and locally sourced? Welcome to historic downtown Mokelumne Hill’s charming locally owned Hippie Closet. Located in the heart of downtown in a beautiful historic building, you will enjoy experiencing the warm and welcoming atmosphere and friendly small town customer service just as much as their eclectic wares.

Featuring locally crafted tie dye clothing and handcrafted jewelry as well as gorgeous crystals and rocks, rejuvenating soap and incense, gifts and unusual antiques and collectibles, Mokelumne Hill’s Hippie Closet has a lot to offer! Before you leave, make sure to read about the history of their beautiful building posted outside of the shop.

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Looking for something in particular? The owners pride themselves on excellent customer service and welcome your calls and questions. With limited hours that change seasonally, make sure to call ahead or check their hours on their website to plan your visit during open hours. They look forward to meeting you!

Interior of Hippie Closet Retail in Mokelumne Hill

Looking for more fun things to do in historic Mokelumne Hill? Explore Mokelumne Hill on-line here or give our office a call 7 days a week at 1-800-225-3764 to find fun new-to-you things to do in the area.

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