La Folia Winery

La Folia means "the madness" and this winery invites you to join the madness with them. They're mad for delicious hand-crafted wine, fun hats and entertaining events.

La Folia Winery

Despite, or maybe because of “the madness” La Folia creates beautifully balanced wines in the authentic Italian style using only Italian varietals and Italian wine making techniques. Their premium wines, crafted from local grapes, consistently garner high praise from locals and visitors alike.

La Folia Winery: wine and hats

Wine and Hats

Their second passion, hats, are not mandatory for tasting, but if you have a penchant for hats, you will find a nice variety available for purchase from their tasting room. This is one place where you’re encouraged to keep your hat on indoors 🙂

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