McHale’s Revival Shop

If you have someone difficult to shop for on your gift list, McHale's Revival Shop will give you plenty of unusual and amusing options to choose from.

McHale's Revival Shop

McHale’s Revival Shop is located in the beautiful historic Gold Rush town of Mokelumne Hill, California. Situated on the Western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the town boasts a rich history of international status.  Gold miners and fortune seekers from all over the world, once called this quaint town home.  The legacy of this era can be seen every day by taking a stroll down Main Street.

McHale's Revival ShopMcHale’s Revival Shop, a rock building constructed in 1855 is part of this history.  In fact, you could say that the revival of this historic building was their first successful project.  McHale’s Revival Shop continues this tradition of revival by finding and restoring objects with plenty of life left. Here, they’re dedicated to the revival of vintage, frivolous, memorable and amusing items.   Everyday practical items can be found such as furniture, lamps, trunks, chairs and kitchen supplies vintage trunks, coleman lanterns, formica tables, milk pails, hard hats, tobacco tins, beer glasses, vases.   McHale’s also has a whimsical side , featuring vintage board games, toys, garden art and Kelp Kids.

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