Sustenance Books

Historic downtown Murphys' very own independent bookstore - a welcoming place for book lovers to find new favs, hear stories, relax and enjoy.

Sustenance Books, Murphys CA

Sustenance Books comfy sofa friendly dog

Comfy sofas and friendly dog

Sustenance Books is all that an independent book store should be: big, overstuffed sofas, comfy chairs, shelves of glorious books, a friendly, welcoming owner and even a mellow store dog to pet. Add children’s story hours, book signings and book release parties and you’ve got your quintessential independent bookstore experience right here in Murphys.

Come on in, take a load off and browse an eclectic mix of books for adults and children on local history, sustainability, and nature as well as new bestsellers and popular novels. With 7-day-a-week hours you can get your book fix any day of the year and owner Susan Shoaff is here to help you find what you’re looking for.

Sustenance Books storytime

Sustenance Books: children’s storytime

New, used and remaindered books have been sold, bought and traded here for the last 30 years. You can keep them going for another 30 by placing your book order for a 15% discount on paperbacks and 20% on hardcovers.

Owner Susan Shoaff handpicks the best in every genre — with a focus on children, sustainability, and nature. Mix in a touch of music and video, the greatest of greeting cards, journals, writing implements and sustainable goods and you’ve got the best of book-related shopping here too.

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