Vina Moda Winery

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Vina Moda Winery crafts exquisite wines by hand, with great attention to detail. Their wine grapes are hand picked and hand sorted to achieve optimum quality then transferred to a sorting table where damaged fruit, second crop grapes, leaves and even insects are discarded.

Vina Moda Winery

Barbera grapes

The wines are fermented in small batches to assure competent control of the process. A free run from the must is allowed, followed by a gentle press to preserve the desired tannic structure of each individual wine. Every step of this process is, once again, accomplished by hand. Their winemaker won’t share his secrets, but the aromas and vivid colors are worth a visit to the winery during the harvest season.

Vina Moda Winery, Murphys CA

Vina Moda’s tasting room

Once pressed, the wines are delivered to premium oak barrels to complete their transformation. At Vina Moda, they have found a remarkable balance between tradition and innovation and believe you can taste the difference in their meticulously hand-crafted product. In fact, their 2012 Barbera won a gold medal and Best in Class at the Sunset International Wine Competition.

Vina Moda Winery - award winning wines

Just a few of Vina Moda’s award-winning wines

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Vina Moda Winery

Inside the tasting room | Calaveras Winegrape Alliance

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