July 20, 2017

We’ve done it again! Another award-winning California State Fair booth…

Posted : July 16, 2012

Calaveras Takes Gold at State Fair

Award-winning Display Encourages Tourists to do “Whatever Floats Your Boat” in Calaveras County

For the fourth consecutive year, Calaveras County has taken home a gold ribbon for its exhibit at the California State Fair that promotes tourism to the area.

Playing off of the State Fair’s 2012 theme, “The Fun That Moves You,” the Calaveras Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) decided to focus this year’s display on, “Whatever Floats Your Boat.”  The exhibit features a large boat aptly named, “Calaveras Dreamin,’” where potential visitors can hop aboard and try their hand at fishing in one of the area’s lakes—complete with real water (but faux fish).  Also appearing in the booth is a video that highlights the actual lakes of Calaveras and a fishing lure display created by CVB Member, Glory Hole Sports.  The display isn’t limited to waters sports though and also shows off giant trees for Big Trees State Park, Calaveras’ award-winning wines, and other agricultural products found in Calaveras.

According to Lisa Mayo, Executive Director of the Calaveras Visitors Bureau, conceptualization for this year’s booth started as they took down last year’s display, which was a mini-golf course where each hole depicted a different aspect of Calaveras.

“We knew the mini-golf course exhibit showing off Calaveras was going to be hard to out-shine, so we literally started brainstorming for the following year while we were taking down last year’s booth,” said Mayo.  “With so many great lakes and waterways in Calaveras, ‘Whatever Floats Your Boat’ seemed like a winning idea that we could really have some fun with.”

Visitors who have experienced the exhibit seem to agree.  Diane Kriletich, the CVB State Fair volunteer coordinator, who was at State Fair opening night said, “The kids are having a blast fishing, and even the adults are all smiles, especially when the boat sways back and forth like they’re on a real lake.

“The booth is so interactive, people are just ecstatic,” she continued.

The CVB’s annual appearance at the California State Fair takes months of preparation and more than 80 volunteers who cover several shifts daily during the 2-week-long exhibition.

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