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From upscale silent film showings to grammy award winning live music–there is a lot going on this Memorial Weekend. While some of our classic outdoor Memorial Weekend  go-to’s are closed for the 2017 season, (such as Utica, Union, and Spicer) with the wild and crazy 2016-2017 winter, wildflowers are going off at higher elevations, water play is bound to be glorious, and camping is more beautiful than ever!

Read on to find our top 6 tips of where to camp and play in Calaveras County this Memorial Weekend.

(Looking for the best places to fish, hike and swim this Memorial Weekend? Check out our recent blog Open for 2017 – Calaveras Swimming Holes and Lakes.)

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Instagrammer @shansummer living the good life with the kids at White Pines Lake.

1. Camp and/or Play Calaveras Big Trees State Park

Whether you’re looking to camp, hike, or take in a Calaveras Big Trees event–there is a lot going on at Calaveras Big Trees State Park this Memorial Weekend! Plus, did we mention the dogwoods and wildflowers are blooming?

Instagrammer @whatacatchsarah enjoying Earth Day at Big Trees State Park

2. Camp and/or Play at Wakalu Hep Yo Campground

You may think you’ve seen it all, but until you’ve explored the oldest campground in Calaveras County, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Used as the primary summer campground by the Mi Wok people for thousands of years, this gorgeous riverside campground and day use recreation area is filled with hidden treasures ranging from miles and miles of secluded scenic Stanislaus River trails, secret fly-fishing holes, to incredible vistas, phenomenal educational events, and Native American grinding stones. Named for the Mi Wok word for “wild river,” Wakalu Hep Yo is one Calaveras secret you won’t soon forget. (Click play below, to get a sneak peak of what awaits.) 

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Instagrammer @jjake92 taking in the view on the Stanislaus River at Sourgrass Recreation Area in 2016.

3. Peddler’s Fairs, Yard Sales, and Small Town Shopping

Bargain hunting! An absolute must for many of us Memorial Weekend enthusiasts! Peddler’s Fairs, yard sales, and great small town bargains abound throughout Calaveras County each Memorial Weekend, and 2017 is certainly no exception. Graced by the beautiful wildflowers of the fabulous rain season–exploring local small towns such as Vallecito (pictured below) will be an experience to remember!

If you’re serious about your bargains, remember to go early and go often. The fun Memorial Weekend finds kick off with Murphys’ Peddlers’ Fair, which runs Friday and Saturday from 8am to 4pm at the First Congregational Church in Murphys, followed in short order by the 39th annual Arnold Spring Peddlers’ Fair which runs Saturday to Sunday from 9am to 4pm located on Highway 4 in Arnold.

Looking to explore some of the amazing shopping and yard sales to be found throughout the rest of the region? Swing into the Calaveras Visitors Center (located at 1192 S. Main St. in historic downtown Angels Camp) to pick up a free county map! Or select “shopping” when using our interactive map of Calaveras County on-line.

Vallecito Flea Market 2017 - Kaedence Eaton
Photo Credit: Kaedence Eaton – Vallecito Yard Sale Spring 2017

4. Camp and/or Play on the Water

Memorial Weekend isn’t complete without cracking open a crisp, fresh beer with a spectacular view of the water. Find everything from local favorite swimming holes to six gorgeous lakes for swimming, fishing, boating or camping out this Memorial Weekend via one of our most recent blog articles: Open for 2017 – Calaveras Swimming Holes and Lakes.

Looking to find the perfect spot for you and yours, this Memorial Weekend? Give us a call 7 days a week at 1-800-225-3764. We’ll have you out on the water in no time!

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Instagrammer @johnfreitas94 scouting out some hidden spots on New Melones Lake.

5. Catch a Show!

From the historic Angels 6 Theatres to Millaire Winery’s free Friday Movie night, to Ironstone Vineyard’s dinner and silent Alice in Wonderland viewing (including accompaniment by a live Alhambra pipe organ–no less!) there are some seriously quirky and classic movie options around Calaveras County this Memorial Weekend!

Kicking back and enjoying Millaire Winery’s first outdoor movie night in 2017. 

6. Shake Your Tail Feathers – Memorial Weekend Music

Whether enjoying grammy award winning music at Twisted Oak’s gorgeous outdoor canyon view venue, live music and fresh eats at the family friendly Copperopolis Farmer’s Market, or hip young Americana musician Grover Anderson in the quaint and classy Vino Metate tasting room in historic downtown Angels Camp, or getting your fingers sticky at Mokelumne Hill’s spectacularly gorgeous historic Hotel Leger’s Backyard Blues and BBQ, view our on-line calendar of events to find the scene that’s right for you!

Instagrammer @samibaerwald and company enjoying the night life at Hotel Léger’s historic saloon in Mokelumne Hill.

What’s YOUR favorite Memorial Weekend activity in Calaveras County? Leave your tips in the comments below!

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  1. Why not visit Tamarack Lodge, at an elevation of 7000 ft, on the Memorial day weekend. There will still be plenty of snow for snow play, sledding, and snowshoe hiking.For reservations go to http://www.tamaracklodgeatbearvalley.com.

    Bring your family with you and let the children have a wonderful time in the snow.

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