Why It Matters: Calendar of Events

What if we told you that getting your events (big or small) onto the on-line calendar of events was one of the best things you could do to not only increase your business exposure, but to increase tourism to Calaveras County as well? Not sure why that would be the case? Read on to discover why the on-line calendar of events is your not-so-secret best friend. Or, skip to the details on how to submit.

CVB Calendar of Events
CVB Calendar of Events

Your Not-So-Secret Best Friend

The CVB website is now attracting over 32,000 unique visits per month. That’s more than a thousand unique visits per day – 313 of which are checking our calendar, per day. That’s quite an audience for what’s currently the most popular page on our website. So it’s important to consider what we’re conveying with our calendar of events.

What kinds of events are happening in the county? Do they look fun and enticing? Are we appealing to a wide audience of varied interests? Are we covering every part of the county? If we’re doing it right, we’re hitting all these marks and helping to expand our tourism base by attracting more people because of the culture we’re demonstrating through our events.

At the CVB, one of our key missions is to make sure we aggregate all of that information into one enticing calendar – the most complete calendar of events in the county. And often, Judy Posman, our Events Calendar Manager, literally has to spend hours manually tracking down  events through multiple social media platforms, blogs. emails, and phone calls–because that information frequently doesn’t come to us directly. This means that loads of fabulous, fun, quirky and classy events go un-promoted because they were not submitted to us directly in sufficient time for them to be properly promoted.

Calaveras Calendar listingWhy submit your event?

In addition to getting your event information to the widest audience possible, a full and complete Calaveras calendar of events helps us here at the CVB to see what’s currently trending in the county – and this often determines what we write about in our blogs.

CVB blogs housed on the home page of our website with high visitation (17,000 unique visits per month) are also shared on our Facebook page with over 36,000 followers, and with our 10,000 newsletter subscribers. That’s a lot of coverage!

Since best practices require us to plan our editorial calendar a month out for event coverage, it’s best if you can get us details more than a month in advance to increase the likelihood that your event can make it into one of our high performing blogs.

If you want your event to be included, we need you to provide full and complete details on your event(s) to as soon as you know it’s happening.

Types of events to submit to the CVB Calendar

As a tourism marketing organization, not all events are appropriate for the CVB calendar. Under most circumstances, we can promote any event that is open to the public without membership, that is not political or religious in nature, and that would be of interest to tourists is appropriate for the CVB calendar. However, community events like business mixers or association meetings are not appropriate.

If in doubt, feel free to submit your event and our calendar manager Judy will let you know if she can or cannot share your event.

How to submit to the CVB Calendar

Email Judy at In the subject line, include “COE:” at the beginning, which stands for Calendar Of Events. After a week, check the calendar of events to see if it’s been updated to include your event. If not, you can email again, making sure that you have included all required information (see below).

If you ever have any questions about the submission process, you are also welcome to give us a ring  7 days a week at 209-736-0049 and we will be happy to follow up. (Want to see what to expect of the final product? See calendar posting example above.)

What to submit to the CVB Calendar

Please Note: For efficiency and accuracy we cannot transcribe event details from flyers. However, we are happy to receive flyers to include on our bulletin board at the Visitors Center. Please submit events via email, in text, with the following full details:

  • Date(s) of event
  • Beginning & ending time(s) – we MUST have both. Give an estimate if you don’t have exact times.
  • Event details – provide a paragraph or two giving a description of the event
  • Location – we need the full physical address so it will show on the Google map
  • Organizer contact including name, phone number and website if possible – for additional information not included in the listing and for visitors to contact you with their questions about the event
  • Photo or artwork – This is your best chance to sell your event to potential attendees. Humans are very visual animals. Did you know that visitors are more enticed by authentic imagery of your event than by flyers or content that looks photoshopped? If you don’t have a photo of the event, you can provide one of the event location. The photo CANNOT be a generic image downloaded from the internet. Even if you have purchased the right to use it, we cannot legally use it.
    Your photo can be vertically or horizontally oriented. 600 dpi in width (regardless of height) is the optimal size, but we’ll take smaller if that’s all you have.

We look forward to receiving your event information!