July 27, 2017

Why the CVB activities guide matters for your business

Posted : November 6, 2012
Visit CA Media Event


And why you might want to grab an ad in this year’s guide before space is all gone…

  • Tell over 80,000 people about your business with one ad.  75,000 Activities Guides are printed annually and the online version receives more than 5,000 views per year. Check out the Activities Guide page online. It’s pretty cool.
  • Grab foot traffic while it’s here.  Nearly every person who stops into the Visitors Center in Angels Camp takes one with them to help plan their trip while they’re here.  Do you want them to drive by your business or stop in?
  • Media exposure.  The CVB hits the road with Activities Guides throughout the year, including media-specific events like the one hosted by Visit California pictured to the right.  Is that a San Francisco-based travel writer that just walked into your business?  Maybe.
  • The tipping point.  It’s been said that people need to be exposed to your business at least three times before they take action.  Maybe a potential visitor sees you in the Guide, then passes your sign, and finally gets a recommendation from a local.  Guess what?  They’ll be stopping by.

Ads for the 2013 Activities Guide close Friday, November 30.  Why not give it a try?  Download the CVB Activities Guide Advertising Packet with specs, rates and more.

CVB Membership Perks and Other Advertising Opportunities

And if a featured ad just isn’t in the cards for you this year, remember, all CVB members receive a 30-word listing in the guide as part of your membership.  Membership renewal forms recently went out. If you don’t recall getting one, or would like to explore a new membership with the CVB, let us know.  We’ve even got membership tiers now that make it easier to get more bang for your buck with your CVB membership.  Check out the various  member levels here.

Also new for this  year, CVB Website banner ads.  With a site makeover, fun content, videos and more, the CVB Website is the go-to resource for anyone planning a visit to the area. If you’re not a believer in print, why not advertise online?

Free ways to get more from your CVB membership..

Did you know our online events calendar receives more traffic than any other page on the CVB Website?  Make sure your events are listed by emailing details to us.

Send us your photos.  Every week we feature photos from the area on Facebook, Twitter and the blog.  This is a super easy way for us to cross promote your business for free.  And, if the photos are great, we may even use them in the Activities Guide.  Don’t forget video.  We love video too!

Submit a guest blog post.  Each week, we’re posting fresh and creative content about Calaveras on our blog.  Let your inner writer flow and send us a piece for publishing consideration.  See what we’ve been posting about lately for inspiration.

Any of the above submissions can be made by emailing info@gocalaveras.com.


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