5 Things to Love About Calaveras Wine Country

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We want you to be in the know.  Because those who are, know there’s a lot to love about Calaveras Wine Country.  And we’re going to let the secrets out right here.  Shh, don’t tell anybody…

You can do wine country on foot.  There are over 25 wineries in Calaveras and nearly 20 of them have tasting rooms within walking distance from one another along Murphys’ Historic Main Street.  That means you can literally do wine country on foot.  But don’t miss the chance to hop in your car to hit up a few of the operational wineries that are mere minutes from downtown and offer the authentic winery experience complete with wine caves, stunning views and even a Rubber Chicken National Forest.

Calaveras is a snob-free zone.  This is wine country minus the pretentiousness.  No need to brush up on your wine vocab before you come, and you can definitely leave your high heels and suit coats at home. Are you a wine novice?  Great.  Nobody is going to judge you if you ask how to pronounce Tempranillo (Tem-prah-nee-yo, in case you were curious).  The kind folks at Calaveras’ wineries will not only make you feel welcome and comfortable, they’ll make you feel part of the family.  Speaking of family…


It’s one big happy family.  Calaveras wineries are largely owned and operated by local families (and have been that way since 1851!).  There aren’t many wine country destinations left where you can still taste through a flight of wines with the winemaker who made them, or where you get to ask the owner to reveal their favorite spot for a hike as they pour you your next taste.  But that still happens every day in Calaveras.

You’ll still have money left for dinner.  Why would you spend $25 on a tasting fee (ahem, Napa!), when you can take home a really great bottle of wine for the same price?  Sure, there are tasting fees.  These family-owned operations have to keep the doors open after all.  But you can handle $5 can’t you?  Oh, and if you want to take home a bottle, they’ll probably put that tasting fee toward your purchase too.  That means, when dinner rolls around, you’ll have plenty of bills left in your wallet to enjoy a meal at one of the trendy little dining spots that line Murphys’ historic downtown.

Calaveras wines are exciting.  While you may find a Cabernet or two, and other go-to wines like Chardonnay and Zinfandel, Calaveras wine country offers the opportunity for wine tasters to discover something different.  The Sierra Foothills offer a unique terroir (the fancy way to say climate and soil), and as a result, you’ll find some exciting Rhone and Mediterranean varietals to try.  Alicante Bouschet anybody?  How about Verdelho?  Maybe a Mourvedre?  You just might find a new favorite wine.

Oh, but there’s more.  Watch this video to find out a few other reasons to love Calaveras Wine Country…

Need an excuse to visit?  Check out the upcoming Calaveras Wine Country events, including Calaveras Grape Stomp.

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